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  1. Update: I found a very old video on this game series that helped me. It said the series is infamous for not having enough wheel rotation when using a pad, and that the inertia or centrifuge force when at low RPMs (also tied to the force feedback from the pad) helps to worsen turning in, which is what I had said were my suspicions. But, unlike CM/EA, @BarryBLand/or support/other devs, or certain moderators whom are only around to provide bland solutions or to dismiss and thumbs down members' reports, the video guy actually presented a fix to the issue. All I had to do was go into settings, and
  2. Does it wear too quickly if quick practice is used (as suggested by @_aarava's My Team videos)? I'd say yes. My ICE was at 37% after just the first two races. I still haven't tried not using quick practice. If anyone has more data or knowledge of this bug, I urge you to report it asap in the appropiate section. Thank you.
  3. @BarryBLReally, CM people don't play their own games? This happens at every interview, and its not exclusive to PS5 (as of this thread and youtube videos). As for me, I'm on PS4 Pro. Extremely hard to miss glitch if only CM devs were playing it.
  4. For PlayStation owners, only the 50.000 pitcoins pack is available right now on PSN. Or should I say, only the most expensive mtx solution is being ENFORCED AS THE ONLY OPTION on PlayStation users, for an expensive game we've already paid for, thus it should have no mtx to begin with. Will this be rectified, or are you kidding ? @BarryBL
  5. @BarryBL When I pre-ordered it (at 86 days from release date), I got the Deluxe at 330 reais (BRL), but "PS5" was not in its title name, whereas the Deluxe Ed. without the discount which is at 370 reais (BRL) states PS5 version included. So I guess the discount equals to no PS5 upgrade. Also, the only way I was able to find the discounted version was at the "Just for you..." section of the PS Store. Any other sections of the Store, including the search engine, will only show the most expensive version.
  6. @BarryBL Will these tracks be added to any/all of the different career modes's calendars, post-patch?; Including Braking Point's?
  7. I already did that ages ago, otherwise I wouldn't be here reporting anything. And when I said any platform and any game engine, it also includes dualshock3/PS3. It's the game. Ten years of experience with the series makes me sure of it. Took me this long to report, so please take it seriously for 2021 and future releases. @BarryBL
  8. @BarryBL At random moments, the car might not turn to the left, and it seems to me that it only occurs at low speed corners and/or at lower acceleration (centrifuge force) when tackling said low speed corners. It almost never happens to right turns, although it did happen to me once in all of these years; Platform: PS4; Game: F1 2020, fully patched, but here's why this bug report is also important for F1 2021: this bug happens in ALL of your games, no matter the game engine or the platform, so please, pass it along the F1 2021 devteam; Game mode: any; Can you force the
  9. @BarryBL Ok, so, I know Braking Point, the normal career mode and My Team are three separated and distinct game modes, but I think there's a tiny little feature you could add before the release. Let's say you started the normal career mode, and that you completed three of the ten seasons. During this career, let's say you won one title, had 21 victories, 5 fastest laps, 30 poles and 10k km ridden distance. Then you start My Team, and your character starts as a rookie, with all statistics at 0, right? Here's my suggestion, why not stick career stats to the drivers created in char
  10. @BarryBL Hello there. Here's what I mean: for starters, the current game (F1 2020) does not have one year of life yet, but has had only five podium pass seasons thus far, so for people whom have started the game with no pitcoins, it means we'll only be able to get VIP when season 6 comes along, but by then the new game will be out, so it will be pointless. Also, seasons last too long, 50+ days plus a week hiatus. You really should shorten the pass's seasonal time for any and all F1 games, that alone would be a big help. Second, yes, I know we can buy pitcoins, so this problem
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