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  1. ajpoolshark


    Codefailers, you're game is utter garbage....The multiplayer element which is essential for league racing is so utterly broken...safety glitch after safety car glitch, cars entering the pits yet somehow breaking the laws orf physics by resetting to track in such a way that Prof Stephen Hawking himself would turn in his grave......Every year you charge £60 for something that simply doesn't work, under the distance selling regs you have a care of duty and have a liability to offer a full refund for selling a product that is not fit for purpose and was inherently faulty before leaving the 'Factory gates'.....to sum, I recommend the following logo for you...."Codemasters, Screwing up F1 GAMES since 2010"
  2. 1. deluxe schumacher edition 2. digital preorder from ms store 3. 30/06/2020 4. no coins purchased Gamertag is beerandkebab