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  1. I understand what you are saying however if i use box this lap on the MFD it still doesnt work. As you can see on both videos I use the MFD and press 'Box this lap' and it still forces me away from the pit lane. If you got to 1:20 in the first video i use the MFD and it still pulls me away when trying to enter the pits. Then in the second video at 0:46 I use the MFD to box and once again I can't enter the pits. Also yes of course i am directing the car to the pits holding the left stick to the right and it just slowly puts be back onto the racing line.
  2. 1. Unable to pit stop when playing my team career mode in casual game mode with full assists on even when using the MFD 2. Xbox One 3. Version 1.05 4. Career - My Team 5. 5-10 attempts at multiple circuits including Spain and France 6. Restarting the game, changing assists, changing pit strategy 7. Xbox One controller I enter the Grand Prix with all assists on and wait for my pit window as normal. I then as normal select on the MFD 'box this lap' and as I come towards the pit lane I start to follow the blue line. As i get closer t
  3. This actually did not work for me i tried this as you can see in the video and it doesnt work
  4. Just tried the above tactic and works perfectly. I called in on the MFD to box as the pit window opened and i paused just before the pit lane turned off steering assist and it worked perfectly! Thanks for that its what I'll be doing for now until codemasters can find a fix! It's a great temporary fix!
  5. I'll give this a try thats a great idea thanks a lot!
  6. Thanks! I thought I was the only person! I've now started to simulate races just to continue playing!
  7. Another update I went into the Austrian race weekend to see if i had the same issue and i recorded it and posted it to my YouTube channel. The video is me in FP3 on casual as seen above, my team career on Xbox one version 1.03 using a controller hope this helps even more. you can see in the video I take the blue line and it swerves me back onto the racing line and i try and turn the car back to the pit lane and it doesn't allow it. I did this 3 times in the video with each time having the same issue. Here is the link to the video:
  8. Thanks for the response so quickly. I am on XBOX one using controller on version 1.03. I have not tried again as I don't want to be disqualified from another race. I am playing on my team. I also don't have a video however i will link a photo of my assist settings. I hope you can understand that I don't want to go into another race as I don't want to get another disqualification. However I can say I that this is the first race it has happened to me and I am on round 11 which I think is the French Grand Prix in the 22 race calendar.
  9. Hi i am playing on Xbox one version 1.03 on casual racing mode. I purposely missed my pit window as there was rain inbound so i was holding out for that. Then when it started to rain i selected intermediate tyres and on the MDF called that i was boxing on that lap. As i got to the pit lane and started following the blue line my car wanted to turn back onto the track and wanted me to follow the racing line so I had to carry on the entire race without pitting because everytime I got to the pit entrance my car forced me back onto the track meaning i got disqualified because i couldn't pit. This i
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