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  1. Tomasslb24

    Singapore AI

    I would not say slow, i think is more about the big trains they make after the pit stops by getting behind slower cars. AI vs AI is still, in my opinion, kinda poor(mainly in singapore), but I've notice sometimes that they dont use ers when they could use it to make the pass on slower cars.
  2. Maybe this suggestion has already been posted around here but I will give some ideas. This is about the leaderboards during the different sessions in the game and the way we could see them would be better to understand some aspects during our practice, quali or race. For practice and quali we can see the fastest time(depending on what sector you are) made by the car 2 places ahead of you(depending on your position) as well the position of the 4 closest drivers to our position, that's good however it could be better. How? In practice you should have the times of your teammate (even if its behind or ahead of you) so you could have the time of the same car that you are driving and the first place too so you know what's the fastest times is without needing to remember, ask in the radio or pause the game to see it. In quali, as in practice, you can see the same so I give the same suggestion as I said before, teammate times and first place times(this was already in last years game so dont know why they removed it) but we could see something else too that would be very interesting. Imagine you are in Q1 or Q2 and in the elimination zone, it would be good if we could see the time of the 15th(in Q1) and from the 10th(in Q2) so you could know if we are being faster or not than the driver in danger. For the race, well in the same theory as in quali if you were out of the points (p13 as you can only see the 2 cars ahead of you) you could know how far p10 was, if you were inside the points you could see how far p3,p2 and p1 are. Resuming: It's already pretty good that we can see the 4 closest drivers but most of the times it does not give the info we need during the race. I really dont understand why they removed P1 times during quali and practice runs as it was a good indicator of was fast we were going. Using mods with simhub to have the full leaderboard is not really the same thing as if we had in the game itself. For people who want this type of thing and dont have the best pc, they cant really have so many tabs open or they cant race without having massive fps issues, which is not good because you're racing. So yeah, tell me what you think about this, it would be good to know if it's something that already has been answered by some moderator and I didnt see.
  3. Tomasslb24

    Dotted lines in Race Strategy Program

    Im not 100% sure, but i think fuel will affect the strategy as they calculate the amount of fuel used per lap, and then see (approximately) how much you'll need to use for all the race.(Just what I think). For ers and drs i think it does not affect really.
  4. Tomasslb24

    Will Take Two reinvent next years game F1 2021 or?

    Dont know who's the worst, but it would be bad either ways so it was better to stay in the way they are.
  5. Tomasslb24

    Will Take Two reinvent next years game F1 2021 or?

    Read the comment below xD
  6. Tomasslb24

    Serving penalties

    If i'm not wrong, only 5 second penaltys are served during the pitstop and than the pitstop happens normally. You have the 10 second "stop and go" penalty but not sure that's in the game as that one you can't do an actual pit stop (like hamilton and giovinazzi in monza). The 3 second penalty is just added in the end of the race (thinking seriously, a 3-sec pen. during a pit stop would be as fast as changing the front wing). And than you have the drive-through penalty that is just passing the fastlane, if you ignore (3 laps i think), you get disqualified. Hope it helped. (If im not wrong obviously).
  7. Tomasslb24

    Dotted lines in Race Strategy Program

    No problem man. Im going to try to explain really fast that programme. (in my point of view) That programme is used to make a "strategy" for the race using the medium tyre, cause thats the "balanced" tyre compared with the soft and the hard compound. And why? Softs wears to fast but are faster as the hards wear slowly but are the slowest on pace, the mediums are like the balanced ones (i think you understood my point). As you run the programme (if you do the 5 laps the data is more accurate) they will fuel your car for the race depending on what your race length is(looking for your race fuel load i assume you are making 100% races). For the main "characther" here, the dashed line is an expected wear/lap time for each lap you do, that's why there are white dots in the line that you made with the medium compound, because that's the tyre you should use, to compare with the expected wear and lap times. If any questions just ask, i'll try to help!
  8. Tomasslb24

    Dotted lines in Race Strategy Program

    It's normal because that program is made to be run only on mediums so they calculate what the tyre wear is for softs and hards.
  9. Tomasslb24

    Will ever ever see player mechanical failures?

    That reminded me of f1 2005 game for ps2. Playing with ferrari (schumacher ofc) in the Malaysian Grand Prix. Leading every lap and almost in the end smoking coming out the back of the car and there we go, engine failure. It ****** me of, but was realistic and that's racing. Sometimes luck is not with us sometimes it is, it's part of the sport, every single one of them.
  10. Tomasslb24

    Different race length

    That's exactly what I think about they not adding more race lenghts.
  11. Tomasslb24

    Different race length

    Ye I know that, just completely forgot to mention that they're still like a bit "afraid" to make overtakes on the corners of some circuits. Like Spain, Hungary, or Singapore just examples of that issue and it's pretty annoying that after the last pit stop there are no more overtakes, except for yourself.
  12. Tomasslb24

    Hanoi dropped from 2021 calendar

    Being portuguese I would like to see Portimao there, but not only for that, 25th April is a very important day in the country and after that race it's spain, so it would be a good idea!
  13. Tomasslb24

    Different race length

    I think something like this has been already talked about in this forum but I can't find the topic, so I'm gonna create one. Is there any way to change the race length to like 35% (for people who thinks 25% is too low and 50% is too much) or 75% (for people who thinks 50% is too low and 100% is too much). Maybe in the game files but I can't seem to find anyone who has discovered it yet. I know that changing the game files for the race length is something pretty complex because you would need to change the way the tyres would degradate and possible the way the AI would behave for strategies. Asking this because I play with 50% race and sometimes the AI strategies ****** me off. Just one example: Singapore everyone outside the top 10 and the ones who qualified on the mediums in Q2 start medium and goes to hard, the ones in the top 10 that have softs goes for a two-stopper. The thing is, its not a bad strat but singapore it's a pretty hard track to overtake and they make a massive DRS train and than no one overtakes. Won the race in a ferrari and grosjean finished 3rd. Tell me what you think, just "brainstorming" :)
  14. Tomasslb24

    Are mods allowed in F1 2020

    Well, i have been using mods since f1 2018 and nothing happened to me by using them. Actually I have been using the dmg mod and sometimes I try others just to see how it works. The boring part is that you have to be careful about the updates the game brings when they affect the folders where you are using the mods. Because when you update the game, the modded folders (as far as I know, correct me if im wrong) are not updated and you stay with the same things from the latest patch/or by the latest patch the modded folder is. Eg: When the performance patch came, if you had a modded folder with the previous stats even after the update you would still remain with ferarri faster than racing point in-game, but visually in the performancce graphics, they would be behind them.
  15. Tomasslb24

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    There is already a topic in this forum about that dude. 😉