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  1. 11 minutes ago, DutchRacer87 said:

    But it’s not like they don’t use ERS at all though. I’ve watched some onboard replays of the AI and sometimes I can see the ERS bar turn green on their steering wheel.

    If they use ERS? Yes they do.

    Do they use ERS as we players do? No. 

    However we should not expect that they would use it as we use. In the replays I see AI are using ERS when they want to overtake and in the last lap, that's why they ran out of it in the last moments of the race. But what I found really strange is when you upgrade your engine in a way that you easily recover all ERS in 1-2 braking corners, because you as a player know you can use ERS all laps and recover it pretty fast, however the AI don't understand that and do not really use it during the straights to catch to the car ahead. That's why you can easily get away quickly after overtaking the AI. You continue using it to create a gap, but because they are so far back to overtake, they just don't use it anymore.

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  2. Im not sure, but I think AI are going with the lowest possible fuel to do a lap, and when they're in the inlap they end up without fuel. Can't really confirm these because I have only played co-op so I can't see there camera.

  3. 2 hours ago, philappleraily said:

    I agree with all your questions but we pay for f1 2021 not for waiting next year. And quite frankly, I fear they won’t be able to come up with a nice game in 2022.

    I do agree that when I pay for a game I want to play the game I bought, not the game that will come out on next year. But in this occasion it was to expect that this game could have been the best F1 in years or the worst one. IMO it's not one or another, but could have been better? Definetely. Could have been worse? Yes indeed, way worse probably.

    But now the only thing that we can do as a costumer is wait. Wait that more patches comes in to fix bugs and implement new things into the game such as the 3 tracks and the performance patch e.t.c and most important, wait for what's coming next year because that will be the biggest test for codemasters in recent years being the ones having that license in hands. If they fail to produce a good game, maybe a new developer should try and do something with it, even tough EA would be the most probable to get 100% out of that license if codies stepped out.

    Oh and I can't remember someone talking about the fact that 2021 should have been the year where the regulations would have come. They were announced in 31 October 2019 (correct me if I'm wrong), covid was not even known here, technically 4 months after the 2019 game came out. If they have 2 separate teams working on the games, then the 2019 guys would be the one working on the different 2021 game. I dont know when does the 2019 group start working in the new game but the announcement that the regulations would be delayed only came out on 19 March 2020. So imagine starting working on a game that would be something and then everything has to be thrown out the window. I'm not even counting the fact that the 2021 regulations were announced a little later too. 

    TL:DR: Be patient, wait for patches and hope next year the game improves 🙂

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  4. 28 minutes ago, stephensmattlee said:

    I really hope F1 2022 makes up massively for the issues and overall state that F1 2021

    Im starting to think they are "saving" assets for the 2022 game as the sport will take a huge hit with all regulation changes.

    New car is obviously the biggest one, but new car different ways of improving the car, so new R&D upgrades?

    Engine freeze in 2022, will we still be able to improve our engine in the R&D?

    Will MyTeam be able to copy the cost cap that will be introduced in F1?

    If indeed the sprint race is added officially to certain tracks, will it be there?

    There is a lot of questions about the next F1 season, not only IRL as in game. Let's just hope the game won't be so bad as the last time there was regulation changes so big. 

    From F1 2013 to F1 2014 the downgrade was big, but maybe that was a mistake by codemasters to bring such hard work to F1 2013 instead of saving it for the big changes in 2014. 

    Im gonna give one last chance to them in 2022, if they don't nailed it I don't know when will happen.

  5. 4 hours ago, Leatherface740 said:

    A French streamer, Hydro, interviewed a certain Dan from Codemasters, he would have told him that the tracks would be available in September and Hydro repeated it in two of his videos on Youtube

    Well if that is true it may confirm that it's probably coming in with the new Podium Pass. If i'm not wrong it ends in the first half of September.

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  6. 7 hours ago, Formulaoneteam said:

    hello, I can't understand I'm just not from DNF Jeff tells me that there is a big problem but in the end there is nothing I have them three times got radio message but nothing.  my parameters are all activated I play in my team on xb1

    Does the message get stuck after he says that? If yes normally that prevents that engine failure to happen. Although some other can happen later in the race

  7. 4 hours ago, PJTierney said:

    Quick Practice will no longer cause excessive wear to components.

    And this patch came with a bug. When you switch to old components for practice they don't fit them, you will still use your quali/race engine. Probably we need to actually leave to the track so the components change.

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  8. 38 minutes ago, ZAPPADIETRO said:

    PS4/Grand Prix/Medium length/Car Damage off/MFD hidden yes: Tyre Wear repeatedly popping up unrequested after few laps.

    Only way to get rid of them: MFD opacity 0%. Meaning no more MFD visible even when activated. :classic_laugh:

    Noticed that too, quite distracting when racing

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  9. 19 minutes ago, JanKondler said:

    It's weird, I've had like 100 bugs and none of them is in this patch

    Actually didn't have most of the bugs that were patched in the last 2 updates and haven't had a lot of them. Seems weird that some people get a lot of bugs and others can almost play peacefully.

  10. Good too see some more bugs getting patched, mainly the minor damage not showing in the MFD and the excessive wear in quick practice. 

    Thoughts about the patch?

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  11. 7 hours ago, Badmayhem said:

    They could have a hacker wipe you out (mention in ame already) then have regulations hit multiple departments about the same time. Just an idea.



    Talking about regulation changes, that should be harder to. For the player it's pretty easy to adapt the parts and with that your car doesn't take a big hit. 

    Can't remember a single time I failed to adapt an upgrade that was changing because of the regulation change.

  12. 7 hours ago, Blent said:

    Just to check, you know you can start your MyTeam mode and you''ll be able to add Imola, Portimao and Jeddah to the calendar after they're patch in, don't you?

    Yes I know just want to play Portugal all 10 seasons because probably I'll be too fast endind the seasons xD

  13. 6 minutes ago, rayloriga said:

    At first is hard as you are a new team, very little acclaim and sponsors, car performance, etc. But after two or three seasons, if you've managed well enough, you have full 4 sponsors, money from your constructor's championship position, money from your main sponsor, all R&D tier 3 and fully developed parts, and that's when you have way too much money and nothing to spend it on.

    Having 4 sponsors alone means something in the region of 2M$ per week, and if you have only expenses maintaining your R&D departments, you are going to save a lot of money.

    Besides, once I got 25 team acclaim and all tier 3 R&D and developed parts, I shut them down as they weren't necessary, so more saving yet. Lowering your income from the start ("decreased") only helps to some extent, but in the end saving money is very easy anyway.

    Ye I believe that even with decreased income after some seasons you're probably already have a lot of moeny to spend with nothing to spend on it. 

    They really need to add more things to spend the money, like changing different parts of the car like the nose, sidepods, rear wing using money. That maybe could help on having so much cash.

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  14. Well yesterday I got a DNF with a 10% control eletronics when leading the race in Spain with 8 laps to go and a gap of about 8 seconds from behind.

    Felt bad at the start as it was my second CE and I was leading but at the same time I was satisfied in the way of knowing that this can finnaly happen to us players.

    However this came out of nowhere because early in the race I had an ERS glitch and Jeff message got stuck technically half the race. With that I was not warned about the engine problem and it just appeared in the MFD with a red signal. That bug really annoys me when it happens in the two player career. You just can't do anything. Codies pls fix!

  15. Still to start MyTeam mode because I'm waiting for the new tracks to come out (Im portuguese, my team will represent Portugal so I want to drive in Portimao).

    But in last year I'm pretty sure that everyone got the same problem, just like me.

    How do you have the money income for you? Did you change it or remain on default the whole career?

  16. Well in my second season of co-op career i had set decreased for us and default for AI and had to put AI in reduced too because they were developing so many upgrades that my ferrari was almost caught by alpha tauri and alpine.

    Even with everyone in decreased they still have a good pace developing but I can get along with them. They dont seem to stop to much. 

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