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  1. You can do what I do, exit the garage normally at the start, do your lap, go slowly in the in lap (no return to garage because that can influence aswell), and see how many drivers are left to end their lap. When everyone has done the lap you can fast forward as no one is on track. In the end of quali repeat the same process, except the part where you return to the garage because the quali will end anyway. At the moment haven't noticed any abnormal time by the AI but can assure they are indeed faster in quali compared to the race.
  2. As I said, its by default, so it is really to be like that. However if you use the fast forward and skip to the flying lap that normally bugs the AI time and they get even faster. So thats maybe your problem of just getting destroyed in quali
  3. It was already mentioned by Barry that, by default, the AI are faster in quali than in the race. Not know by how much, but it is true.
  4. So after ending my first season in the two player career mode with my friend (I was in ferrari and my friend in McLaren) i ended up winning the championship and my friend ended 14th with an insane car (made too many mistakes during the season). After the last race of the season we got to contract renewal time, but his result was so poor that he went right to Alfa Romeo (kimi retired). He didn't even got the dismissal scene that you usually got if you're fired. Never knew that this could actually happen, as I thought you would get a bad result and if you didn't get the scene you would just
  5. Already made a bug report about that. About the other ones i didn't experience anything like that yet
  6. A detailed description of the issue. So this is been happening since the last patch (1.05) and me and my friend made two races in the two player career mode. I got DNF in both races because of an engine problem and for some reason his race ended too even though he had no problem in his car (atleast Jeff didn't alert him). Report Code HXMT-SCCJ-TBBX-PBJE Platform? PC (steam) Game-mode? Two-Player Career [ONLINE] The amount of players in your session? If you know the players forum username, please tag as many people who were in your session
  7. Ok so I made the race some hours ago and I didn't notice any flashes in the sky, however I noticed the sky got even more darker than usual. Not sure if the level of the graphics affect or not but I play with weather effects on high so that's probably not a problem.
  8. There you go! I have not made it into the race as I've been playing co-op with a friend and can't tell if there any "flashes" during the race but if I see I'll come here and tell.
  9. Interesting that I will have a thunderstorm race in Britain in my career and will be the first one in this game, if I see any thunders/flash I will update it, tho in 2020 i had some thunderstorm races and indeed there were flashlights and SC came out twice.
  10. If you think that the menu is one of the most important things to be improved that's your opinion, as long as I'm able to setup what I want im fine with it. Already saw people complaining about the background color. I do prefer a more friendly background, but cmon a color? There are really more important things to correct than just a background. I understand the frustration when we're talking about bugs that have been in the game for years and that people that actually come to the forums and care about the game to give constructive opinions and ideas for future games to improve it. But
  11. Every single year this forum is full of criticism instead of really helping. I understand everyone's frustration about the big amount of bugs present in this game. However, there won't be a single year where the game is gonna be PERFECT. Unless everyone wants to be without a F1 game during like 2/3 years. Game just came out and is obviously normal that at the start there are lots of bugs. Did not get a single one that makes my game unplayble tho. The only frustrating thing is that most of the bugs have been in the game for some years now. For the people that are all the time moani
  12. As far as I know from F1 2020, most of the updates came out on monday. If it's the same thing maybe we can have an update tomorrow (i hope)
  13. I already had DNF's in all game modes where it is possible to get it, so be sure you have the right settings buddy. I noticed that some settings change when you go like between game modes, as I play with simulation in both damages and for some reason they change sometimes.
  14. The problem is that you only can do that in myteam or mycareer because of mid session save. In two player career you can't just leave like that, making you race without any information about warnings or other stuff
  15. I already made a bug report about this some days ago. Don't know if they saw it but we'll need to wait to see if its patched or not.
  16. A detailed description of the issue: After I get a mechanical issue and have to retire everything goes normal, however when i get to spectating mode i noticed that my car does not get removed of the side of the track and yellow flags remain there till the end of the race, and that will prevent other cars from overtaking in that area. This only happens to the player car, not to the AI car. Quick edit: Seems the retired AI sometimes does not get removed from the track too, but it's a random situation and does not always happen Report Code: RDBE-DGTS-BCRE-CMMG Pla
  17. Tomasslb24


    Only noticed now that I have the "Other" flag in my profile even tho I'm portuguese, however I can choose it when creating my driver. And at the same time, I was playing in american servers (?). Is someone else experiencing this too?
  18. Nice to know that other platforms has this issue, maybe gets a little bit more attention
  19. A detailed description of the issue: After a race when I try to see the replay immediately after the race or in theatre either by saving the full race or by the recent races, I can't see the other drivers perspecitves, only my own. Not sure if it's a bug or not but I find quite sad that we can't see other drivers, to like see how did a crash happen and stuff like that. Report Code: SADC-BVMB-ARXA-SXMG Platform: Steam/PC Game-mode: This only happened to me in the two player career mode, because I did not had the opportunity to see a full replay in
  20. Tomasslb24


    Ye gonna do it. Ty anyway
  21. For me it worked. Create a multiplayer lobby with your friend and set the performance to realistic. Not sure if you need to complete the weekend but me and my friend did a one shot quali and 3 lap race. Go back to the 2 player career lobby and it should be realistic performance. Hope it works mate
  22. A detailed description of the issue: Whenever Jeff tells me something about a problem that my engine might have after that he does not talk to me anymore and I can't talk to him neither. At the Spanish GP i got an ERS problem and he told me about that, however the message got stuck and he never told me anything else, even after my DRS got stuck he did not tell me neither, which I think we was supposed to alert. The message gets stuck in the bottom of the screen till we reach the team HQ again. Edit: Seems that the message getting stuck prevents the retiring and you can't see any not
  23. Tomasslb24


    Pc and full race. I saved the full race replay to see it later and I could only see myself
  24. Tomasslb24


    I was playing with a friend in the two career mode and I decided to have a look at a crash that happened during the race. I saved the replay and when I went to see it I could not see the other cars perspective. Dont know if this is supposed to be like that, but I think we should be able to see the other cars. Didn't post a bug report as I don't know if this is a bug or not.
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