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  1. 20 races (probably 23 when imola, portimao and jeddah get into the game), 16 and 10 i think, correct me if im wrong. And you can't change the order neither use 2 races in 1 track probably because licenses
  2. Pretty strange, dont know if it got messed up by everyone but on steam I already can play since like 5pm
  3. Nah not being sarcastic. I understand that this game is not to be seen as a full simulation game, as some people expect it to be. I just feel a little bit anxious about that little mismatch in the performance (ferrari fan i think you understand xD), but overall it's ok. About not representing the real world season, last year was worst in terms of tracks, but that's something codies can't really do immediate and I understand that. And I'm pretty thankfull they doing everything possible to put imola, portimao (portuguese f1 fan here too xD) and jeddah in the game as soon as possible.
  4. That title was just a funny one as last year the performance index was kinda wrong and there was a big revolution here about that, but I understand the change. About the updates, I was almost sure codies would have them prepare as I believe you dont want to give your fans a "wrong" game compared to reality.
  5. Yea thought about the same but lets hope they update it fast as @smalls048mentioned
  6. Hope so, dont want to have a BIG discussion all over again about this
  7. From what I saw already from performance charts, i see that Aston is ahead of McLaren and Ferrari even though it's pretty close. I already see a HUGE thread about this coming xD Edit: Notice now that Haas is a *little* bit ahead too of williams
  8. Agree with pretty much everything but I would put the 3rd and 4th tier on the same tier. Alfa would probably be behind all other 3 but as you saw Alpha has a pretty decent car and it seems Aston are getting a little better. Alpine not showing much right now but from other races they seem good to match Aston and Alpha so it will be really tight in that 3rd and 4th tier.
  9. Depends on the perspective, if your friend as applied for the Carrer mode and/or multiplayer he may has only access to that ones and not for the 2P career mode because he does not have your partner to play it. I did not get access to, but maybe it works in that way.
  10. Dont say that, some people may think its the beta key xD
  11. That's something they really need to fix. There are tracks where the AI are absolutely beast tier, like spain and than tracks where they are so slow that you can almost win with your first season my team car, like austria. I already saw a thread about it saying that's because the driving style you have on a certain track and for that you should change the difficulty depending on the track, but that makes absolutely no sense and would be pretty boring to change the diff every single session.
  12. Fixing bugs like receiving penalties when you're rammed behind it's not asking for a simulation game neither is a justification to call this a kiddies game. It's a bug and I believe there's others simulation racing games with other types of bugs and no one complains that the game is for kids just because of that. I do believe that the game could have more potential, like breaking the rear wing/better damage model (just like the game I mentioned in my comment), driving the car in the pits, having random mechanical issues depending of how badly is your engine in terms of wear (like 1% possi
  13. Could not say it better @sirio994, really well explained!
  14. I just can't believe for most of the replies made in this topic. It's just incredible how annoying people are of wanting a full simulation game. This game is not meant to be like that, is made so every type of person are able to play the game. If you don't like this type of games and want a simulation game go play ACC or RFactor. No one is forcing you to pay for this game and play it. Everyone is just jumping to conclusions without knowing nothing about the game, just because EA is now the publisher it does not mean that the game sucks now. Wait for the game to come out and than take your
  15. At the beggining of the season your team principal sends a mail telling what are the expectations. Indeed I think it's kind of a downgrade compared to last games.
  16. Completely agree with you. Ocon is really showing some promising results and Stroll is being much better than Vettel, altough im still hoping Vettel can bounce back but he seems a little bit down in form. But that is still a lot of races to go through.
  17. Sainz he's showing great signs too, except for Portugal where he had some kind of tyres problem
  18. Clearly is qualy run is not being the best, as he can do good recovers during the race as we saw already in various races during his career. However I'm starting to think that gasly and albon problems were really the car and that annoying guy (ye helmut marko). At first I thought it was just an excuse, but know I'm really considering that as a possibility. Nonetheless he needs to improve his one-shot lap.
  19. Im these type of person, but I know it's takes a lot of time to make a track from scratch. For me it's annoying but I do believe it's annoying for them too to not give the tracks we all want.
  20. I'm probably buying the game, but it's annoying not to drive on tracks that the F1 has raced in that year. If it was possible to module the career/myteam calendar to a closer one to the real life it would be better but well, it is what it is.
  21. Sad that we will not have another track in the 2021 game part of the calendar. Tho I understand they cant do it in time, atleast they could give the option to remove the tracks we want before a season begins instead of a restricted number of tracks. Really dont like to race in tracks that dont belong to the official calendar, it makes lose a bit of immersion. Let's see what they do!
  22. Probably all this season, without it Haas has no money, without money Haas is gone. So I don't think he will lose the seat this season. But I hope next season he is gone.
  23. Well, this was a controversial topic in the 2020 game, however I want to know what you think. With pre-testing and 2 race weekend made so far, what are your thoughts in the order of the performance of the cars for the 2021 game? HereĀ“s mine: 1. Merc 2. Red Bull These two preety close to each other and with a big margin for the next ones. 3. McLaren 4. Ferrari Same as the top two 5.Aston Martin 6.Alpha Tauri 7.Alpine 8.Alfa Romeo 9.Williams 10.Haas Well this one is difficult to say at the moments as if you look at the
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