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  1. Realised I had some missing info: Game version is 1.02 Xbox Using Controller I don't have 3 more hours to waste so can't run the race twice more Tried it across 2 separate days
  2. And here's my result that I guess means nothing (P.S. shoutout to the first place guy he was super fast)
  3. Thought I'd add this is what I get when i press on the race
  4. Xbox One GT: F34R CHIEF I have now completed the France weekly event twice, both times i completed the whole race. Both times on the points board at the end (after race director screen) it has said that I've earned 0 points for my work. I don't even get points for practice or quali. This is especially annoying as on my 2nd time I got 2nd place and the only penalty I had was 5s for accidentally speeding in the pit lane (I was 4.989s behind 1st so that was irritating lol). On the leaderboard I just have Rank: - When I try to take part in another race it tells me that I will los
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