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    15000 pitcoins missing

    Still waiting for the Pitcoins (Xbox 1.03). Gonna have to miss another week of VIP challenges I guess. There's also no point in me doing the weekly since I don't actually get put on the leaderboard for some reason. I don't understand how its possible to break this much stuff that worked perfectly in the last game just because you wanted to add in a BattlePass. Never preordering a Codies game again lol
  2. In F1 2019, when racing at Silverstone in Career or F2 2019, this building does not exist, yet in F1 2020’s 2019 F2 Career mode it does. I mean, what are we to believe, that this is a magic building, or something? Ha ha, boy, I really hope somebody got fired for that blunder.
  3. Xbox One GT: F34R CHIEF I have now completed the France weekly event twice, both times i completed the whole race. Both times on the points board at the end (after race director screen) it has said that I've earned 0 points for my work. I don't even get points for practice or quali. This is especially annoying as on my 2nd time I got 2nd place and the only penalty I had was 5s for accidentally speeding in the pit lane (I was 4.989s behind 1st so that was irritating lol). On the leaderboard I just have Rank: - When I try to take part in another race it tells me that I will lose my progress from my last race. This is absolutely ridiculous especially for something you have to wait an hour to enter each time, I guess I'm not even gonna get a trophy or anything because of a glitch that's HAPPENED TWICE. This worked fine last game, why doesn't it work now? P.S. I also haven't had my Pitbux Codies give me my Pitbux please
  4. Realised I had some missing info: Game version is 1.02 Xbox Using Controller I don't have 3 more hours to waste so can't run the race twice more Tried it across 2 separate days
  5. hazzy8616

    Random terminal damage

    What % are your engine parts on? The flashback thing used to happen to me on older games when my parts were at max wear. But then there's no smoke in the mirror cam so idk
  6. And here's my result that I guess means nothing (P.S. shoutout to the first place guy he was super fast)
  7. Thought I'd add this is what I get when i press on the race
  8. hazzy8616

    15000 pitcoins missing

    I'm on Xbox, I don't have my Pitcoins. I'm kinda worried that I'm gonna miss week 1 of the VIP challenges for something out of my control If you're gonna have a Battlepass at least make it work right My GT: F34R CHIEF