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    New Classic cars for next games.

    With these new 4 Classic cars I start thinking that a good idea for the Classic cars will be the uncommon cars. Cause we always have the most famous classics (Mclaren, Ferrari, Lotus) which its not bad, made a good nostalgia, but, what if in the next games they (codies) put classic cars that wasnt too good on the track but for example had good liveries. I mean, imagine for example the 2002 Jaguar Racing car, or the 1999 Jordán with that amazing nose, or the 2000 Orange Arrows, the 2006 Toyota, the 2007 Honda "Earth Car" or why not the the 1999 Bar split liverie. Just imagine driving those cars, im not saying that I dont like the Classic cars that we have right now, they are very challenge and funny to drive, but what if in the next years instead these winning cars we have the uncommon ones. I dont know, its just my opinion and I think it can be a great way to improve classic cars on the game hope one day see one of those in the next F1 Games. Tell me which other cars you would love to see.
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