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  1. Still getting kicked out to an empty lobby at the completion of every online race...
  2. Auto save keeps turning itself off and when I try to turn it on again I get 'Save Failed.' Retry or Continue without saving. No matter how many times I hit retry it does nothing, my team will not save at all obviously, but there is not even an option for 'mid session save showing up either. Most recent report code: VKCK XMEC GHEE GXJG. Xbox Series X.
  3. Same here. I just posted a similar thread... didn't see yours. Maybe locked to UK or US?
  4. DannyNT83

    Release time

    Hi all, quick question. I have the deluxe edition for series x, and it's the 13th here in Aus but I can't access the game? Still telling me it's too early. Is the release set for UK time? Cheers!
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