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  1. ManofKent

    Podium Pass Progression Issue

    No it was the free stuff that I wasn't sure off. That's answered now. Thank you to all who replied. Just need to wait for the 15000 pitcoins now
  2. ManofKent

    Podium Pass Progression Issue

    So I am on Level 7 of the Podium Pass but the reward for Level 6 without the VIP Pass remains locked. I do have the deluxe edition as an XBOX Pre-Order and am awaiting the 15000 coins bonus and wondered if this was related?
  3. 1. Schumacher/Deluxe edition 2. Digital via Xbox store 3. Purchased April 25 2020 4. Have not purchased any pit coins. Gamertag Man of Kent
  4. ManofKent

    Pitcoins Missing | UPDATE HERE 04/08/2020

    Man of Kent Xbox One