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  1. I would suggest one more thing when turning off assists. Switch off your HUD or at least delta and timing section of it. It helped me a lot when i didn't focus on my lap time and just drove around the track without trying to push.
  2. My post wasn't an attack on yours in any way. Was still typing while You replied.😃
  3. I would say, You should use (or don't use) any assist that makes racing fun for you. I wouldn't listen to anyone trying to put you down for using assist. It's a game and you should tailor this experience to your liking. I started with all assists at first and slowly took them off. Now i am using less of them but i am not under pressure to keep pushing for "real experience of no assists". I would say to try TC on medium, corners only line and manual gears, and see how you like it. Main goal should be enjoyment from racing and not pushing at all cost to the detriment of it.
  4. It's responsive enough i think, but only under 45. Anything above it doesnt make sense to me as i have to turn stronger initially, then it goes softer and then harder again. All of that during long turn before straightening the car and accelerating. It seems like initial spring is hard and then it goes into an argument of what to do with itself. Some kind of identity crisis or something😃.
  5. Just did an update and ran quick 10 laps at Bahrain in TT. By lap 8 started to notice a slight fade of ffb and it progressively got weaker. Will need a bigger sample but i am a bit hesitant due to XsX crashing. There is still that problem with ffb strenght in comparison with F1 2020. Have to have ffb strenght set to 30 to have the same feel as F1 2020 which i had set to 60. Maybe it's by design and it should be like that tho.
  6. I need to mind my manners? You didn' t even bother to read the thread properly before You started talking about Your PC experience. If You want respect, You need to earn it. I still don't see where i went personal.
  7. I posted all that information in my post from 23rd of July(bar the screenshot) in this thread and i quoted my post in my recent reply to @steviejay69. Firmware was done on the same day.
  8. You say that i didn't post bug report and i didn't indicate that i updated my firmware? I asked for an update after 1.06 was released, so one could assume it was checked on that version even tho that test can brake my console(XsX shutting down during gameplay. That is for a different topic tho.) What PC has to do with Xbox problems? Two different versions of the game(three if you seperate Xbox One and Series). Your experience with PC version is in no way relevant to others with Xbox version. @BarryBL @Hoo Can i have someone competent answer my question, please?
  9. Not really sure what you on about tbh. We are in Xbox thread and you mentioned TS-PC which is not Xbox compatible. Did you try to replicate issues on Xbox(One and Series) with Xbox compatible wheel(TM)? You want to tell me that there is no issue with FFB on TM wheels on XBOX anymore? No more FFB fading away or disappear completely? No variation in strenght between sessions? You say that you haven't seen many posts to say it isn't fixed but there are some so it clearly is an issue still. I haven't seen posts saying that it is fixed on Xbox. There is no mention, in patch notes, that it was
  10. TS-PC doesn't work on Xbox does it? I had hoped that moderator would know where he is posting... Clearly i was wrong.
  11. Any updates on this issues or, are we out of luck, because of Your inability to code the game properly? F1 2020 had no problems with FFB on Thrustmaster wheels. The way the F1 2021 behaves means that the game is unplayable for people with TM wheels. Was the game even tested properly? It shouldn't have this issues for an officially supported wheels. For now, it looks like 75€ went down the drain.
  12. A detailed description of the issue. FFB is much stronger then F1 2020 - I have ffb strenght in f1 20 set to 60 and it's perfect for me. My ffb strenght, in f1 21 is set to 31 and feels heavier then last year game. All other settings are the same. FFB is inconsistent between sessions - Every practice, quali and race session during the same race weekend have a different wheel feel and heaviness of it without touching wheel settings. FFB fading away during race - I race 100% races and it is very noticeable when it happens. It starts to get weaker roughly around 30% distance and g
  13. It's possible to re-map buttons, but it takes many attempts. Had this problem with TS-XW and Open Wheel. You have to keep trying to remap a button until it works basically. It took me around 5-10 tries to change each button. Don't leave the screen and just keep pressing "A" button and then desired button until it registeres. Hope it helps
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