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  1. Ultra3142


    You probably know but just in case not I'll mention that the behaviour deliberately mirrors what happens on real F1 cars.
  2. Ultra3142

    Pit limiter bug

    Did you read my post? You're right about this having nothing to do with the gear you're in though.
  3. Ultra3142

    Pitcoins and treated like idiots

    There's a group who didn't get codes inside physical games as well I think, possibly just the Schumacher Edition.
  4. Ultra3142

    Pitcoins and treated like idiots

    The main point of pre-order pitcoins was to unlock the VIP section of the podium pass and challenges but I agree it still isn't going to have a transformational effect on the game. Which is not to say I wouldn't be hacked off if I hadn't received mine by now.
  5. Ultra3142

    Pitcoins and treated like idiots

    The people affected didn't have codes to enter.
  6. Ultra3142

    David Greco's Handling, Driving and Setup Q&A

    Is there any link between the AI difficulty setting and the number or type of mistakes that they make? I ask as for those racing at higher difficulties (95+) mistakes definitely seem to be a good feature of the game but it's less clear this is the case for lower AI levels. This thread made me ask:
  7. Ultra3142

    The loading times on F1 2020

    Post details here if you want anything to actually be done about this: https://forums.codemasters.com/forum/111-gameplay-issues-and-bugs-ta/
  8. Ultra3142

    This is why we need more AI mistakes/errors

    This was the thread I was thinking of:
  9. Ultra3142

    Question about Career mode!

  10. Ultra3142

    This is why we need more AI mistakes/errors

    Give the following a watch, which will jump to the race start and there is at least one mistake on lap one. From what I've seen it looks like a strength of the game.
  11. What happens when you try? Do you get any messages?
  12. Ultra3142

    This is why we need more AI mistakes/errors

    Based on another thread think AI mistakes may happen more at higher difficulty settings. They're definitely a thing for 95+.
  13. Ultra3142

    The loading times on F1 2020

    Without platform and actual times there's not much that can be made of this. If it really is excessive it may be an issue with your particular configuration and so worth posting a full bug report in the relevant section. Load times on my PS4 are fine, particularly given it's getting on for 7 year old hardware.
  14. Ultra3142

    Learning Curve

    If you're learning my inclination would have been to ignore F2 and classic cars actually. The classic cars in particular are harder to drive. I've not tried F2 cars.
  15. Ultra3142

    Pit limiter bug

    I've just watched the video and I don't think this is a bug. I believe the pit limiter is for after you've crossed the limit line to prevent you going back up over the speed limit, but the issue in the video is that you were going too fast when you got to the line where the speed limit starts.