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  1. I just had a look and don't have this either, using Chrome on a Windows 10 laptop.
  2. You may have a point here. It might be helpful if people commenting mentioned what damage settings they're using?
  3. I suspect the real reason that English isn't technicially the official language of the UK has more to do with not annoying the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish. Are we far enough off topic yet?
  4. 'British English' is just English! Only variants warrant any qualifier.
  5. I believe the point made was that the player failures in F1 2021 were something missed when going back to play F1 2020.
  6. I'd have a quick search of the bug section if I were you, and if you can't find a suitable thread just start one. I'd include TV details too in case this is relevant, as I have a suspicion this isn't an issue all XSX players are experiencing.
  7. You've posted this in the F1 2019 section of the forum. I'll reply quickly but if you have more questions you'd be best posting in the F1 2021 section. My quick reaction is that doing things like adjusting camber is not remotely 'casual' and so is probably simply not a feature of this game mode. Try changing to standard (or whatever the one up from casual is) and see if you can then see what you want.
  8. Everyone has made a personal decision on when/if to buy the game. Without access to sales data I think it's tough to really draw any conclusions. I'd obviously also argue that anyone who has made a considered decision to buy the game isn't a 'mug'!
  9. 'we' were talking more without assists I suppose but I bet the same is true with. @PJTierney's two videos are probably a good place to start if you haven't watched them already. I'll also just add to not forget that the elevation changes will have an impact on handling, which may be why you're finding some sections more challenging than you are expecting.
  10. @Sonic6L I've just remembered that BarryBL posted the answer to your question here 🙂.
  11. No. It doesn't even affect all wheels of the same type - some players have issues and others don't using apparently identical hardware. BarryBL posted this update today:
  12. Nobody is disputing why the recent reset happened. The point being made is that this doesn't tell us whether another reset is coming or not. As above, I'd have thought a handling change could change the achievable times and so would similarly necessitate a reset really.
  13. Below was the main one I think, but there were others:
  14. To be fair to TRL Limitless on this one I doubt he'd suggest his setups as being suitable for controller players, just as I wouldn't have thought any wheel-based setups would be?
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