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  1. Ultra3142

    F1 2021 game

    Ego was specifically designed for racing games though I think? Meaning it's likely superior to Frostbite and to some extent is what EA have chosen to buy?
  2. Ultra3142

    Why do F1 drivers do this?

    UK Prime Minister not just for England...
  3. Ultra3142

    Which F1 game is the best?

    For context for the OP I think this just affects My Team saves rather than stopping the whole game running? It may also not affect new My Team careers started using the 1.17 patch I guess? Not saying this isn't an issue but just trying to give the OP a bit more info.
  4. Ultra3142

    Which F1 game is the best?

    I don't know about Xbox but the digital version of F1 2020 is currently very cheap on PS4. If you have a similar deal I'd be inclined to just but this now. Unless you are thinking you'll be happy paying close to full price for F1 2021 instead? Actually, how does the current price of F1 2019 compare to 2020 for you? This will give you. Guide if likely further price drops I should think.
  5. I can see it's possibly harder to code AI to handle big closing speed differences like this, and as I think I said earlier I myself am far more likely to crash into another car in situations like this than when speeds are similar too. Which does not mean it wouldn't be great if the AI could be better at handling this!
  6. No I did watch the full video. I thought you'd taken avoiding action as they were trying to pass rather than being hit. You did say you were hit though so apologies I missed that.
  7. I'd missed that the AI car actually hit you @Schneehase. That wasn't clear to me from the video. I thought they'd stopped short.
  8. Then I don't see how you can disagree with my point that they came up quickly behind you and if anything you got in their way, rather than the AI doing something unreasonable.
  9. Is it you or you teammate driving at the start of the video? You said it was your teammate but I did ask to check above.
  10. Ultra3142

    F1 2021 game

    You've missed material that has been deleted then 🙂. Which doesn't surprise me or seem unreasonable BTW.
  11. You said the start of the video was from your teammates perspective? They caught up to you at pace and had to brake hard to avoid running into the back of you.
  12. Ultra3142

    F1 2021 game

    Your comment read more generally. Yes I'm sure the Codemasters game is largely complete already.
  13. Nothing looks wildly wrong in that video to me... Edit: it could be argued you were impeding a teammate on a fast lap actually.
  14. Ultra3142

    F1 2021 game

    I'm not at all convinced this is true. When was Cyberpunk 2077 first announced again?