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    new tracks every year ...

    Are there any examples of an iRacing style model on consoles? My suspicion is not, which may in part explain the annual release approach.... Also I think most would prioritise the inclusion of new tracks over minor changes to existing tracks. I certainly would. The more major change to the Australian track layout is a more pressing change too.
  2. Ultra3142

    Your list of 7 iconic F1 drivers

    It's always nice to still be considered young by some . My point though was that the observation above about the lack of awareness of pre-1990 F1 drivers is probably not restricted to the very young (zoomers, apparently) but rather probably applies to the majority of the player base.
  3. Ultra3142

    Your list of 7 iconic F1 drivers

    It was a very helpful response to my question about what a 'zoomer' was. The clue was my question being quoted . FWIW I was born in 1977 and honestly am not really familiar with pre-1990 F1 drivers beyond being able to simply name a few. Most people don't watch F1 when they are 5...
  4. Ultra3142

    Your list of 7 iconic F1 drivers

    'zoomer'? (Like @peanutt2000 I can't quite see how the classic drivers thing will really work to be honest.)
  5. Did you mean patch 1.17 in the thread title rather than 1.07?
  6. Ultra3142

    Will pitcoins in F1 2020 be carried over to F1 2021?

    There have been several other posts asking the same question but we don't know yet. My bet is not.
  7. Ultra3142

    Jarno Opmeer tests how much slower various assists are

    Bear in mind that downforce increases with speed, so there are situations where going faster helps turning.
  8. Ultra3142

    Jarno Opmeer tests how much slower various assists are

    For anyone reading this thread who isn't aware, Jarno is the current F1 eSports champion. The point of the original video was to show the differences between the assist options, so which camera setting was used is irrelevant as far as I can see.
  9. Ultra3142

    F1 2021 Pre-order discount.

    I just had a look in the game and whilst there is nothing at all to advertise the reduced price, if I select the in-game link to pre-order the game then I also see the same as you @Ranger77Ice: a 10% reduced price for the Deluxe Edition but also showing as a PS4 version. I expect this deal will be advertised properly at some point and it does make it a more appealing option at least to me.
  10. I suspect that's a statement more applicable to PC than console?
  11. Ultra3142

    F1 2021 Pre-order discount.

    Ah! I looked on the PlayStation Store not in the game .
  12. Ultra3142

    F1 2021 Pre-order discount.

    What offer are you seeing out of interest? Looking on the UK Playstation Store I can't find any mention of what you're describing. Going by the following link there will be a free upgrade from PS4 to PS5 versions so I'd have thought you'd be OK buying whatever is cheaper for you: https://www.ea.com/en-gb/games/f1/f1-2021/news/announcing-f1-2021
  13. Ultra3142

    Jarno Opmeer tests how much slower various assists are

    Virtually identical with enough practice I'd have thought?
  14. Ultra3142

    AI cars ghosting through mine

    This happens online if collisions are set to 'off'. I've not played My Team to know if the same setting is available there but I'd suggest you have a look.
  15. More information would be helpful. What car are you driving? What is your setup like? What other cars are you comparing to? The above aside, one potential cause is a hardware fault meaning you aren't getting maximum acceleration. Is the accelerator bar on maximum when you're on the straight?
  16. Ultra3142

    Whole progress in game is lost

    Barry gave you a link earlier in the thread if you check back.
  17. Ultra3142

    2020 update

    ^I said no such thing .
  18. Ultra3142

    2020 update

    What did you have in mind? I'm sure I've read there are still some bug fixes being worked on and I'd guess there will be at least one more Podium Pass season.
  19. Ultra3142

    f1 2021 - New Feature Reveals

    My understanding is that each game has a 2-year development program. So in some sense F1 2021 is an evolution of F1 2019 rather than F1 2020, in part evidenced by the Devon Bulter related story mode element I think.
  20. Ultra3142

    F1 2021 game

    Just because the F1 2021 game will be released in July doesn't mean that anyone has to buy it then. We all have a completely free choice to wait for the game to have reached the point we personally view it as worth paying for, or indeed never buy it at all. Thinking of the gaming industry in general, I think the best way for consumers to reduce the chances of unfinished / poorly tested games being released is for as many people as possible to stop pre-ordering games.
  21. Ultra3142

    F1 2021 game

    I do find is somewhat strange when outsiders confidently state how something obviously makes commercial sense for Codemasters. Only they truly know their resources, the work involved, and have meaningful insight into the likely revenue from DLC. All we can sensibly do is discuss new features etc that we'd like to see but the rest really is up to them.
  22. This is the info. we have so far: https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/76202-f1®-2021-arrives-july-16-pre-orders-live-now/?do=findComment&comment=602946
  23. Ultra3142

    F1 2021 Wishlist

    I live in Europe but would still like to see these sort of options 👍.
  24. My understanding is that once the game is installed the disc simply acts as a form of licence key to confirm you can legitimately play the game. No data is actively being transferred from it, so the practical situation is no different to a digital purchase. Which is not to say there is an obvious need for the game to communicate with the wider world but rather this is a choice made by the developer. I've never tried this but what happens if you disconnect your console from the internet completely and try to play the game? FWIW I have never experienced the issues described above on either PS4 and PS5, and I've probably used TT more than any other game mode. My suspicion is that it's fundamentally a local internet connectivity issue for a few players that is the cause of the issues being discussed in this thread. If it were a widespread issue there would surely be far more posts about this.