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  1. I'm confident that Take Two will very much want Codemasters to keep making games for them!
  2. Ultra3142

    PS4 F1 2020 on ps5

    Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences. I have an original PS4 too so they're actually very relevant for me .
  3. Ultra3142

    PS4 F1 2020 on ps5

    Thanks for the update. Are you comparing to a PS4 or PS4 Pro here?
  4. Ultra3142

    PS4 F1 2020 on ps5

    There are a few videos on YouTube.
  5. Ultra3142

    PS4 F1 2020 on ps5

    Will there be any performance enhancements from running on the PS5, like improvements in frame rate?
  6. Ultra3142

    PS4 F1 2020 on ps5

    Bear in mind that the European release date isn't until 19 November, after which I'd guess there is greater chance of an F1 game player chipping in.
  7. Ultra3142

    Podium Pass Season 3

    You could see it was coming from within Podium Pass itself. The Season challenges give the time left till the season ends. Although this does misleadingly suggest that the new season will start immediately. I'm not sure why it doesn't to be honest. The season 1 to 2 transition was problematic as an update broke aspects of Podium Pass just beforehand but this time there doesn't appear to have been any issue to cause a delay.
  8. Ultra3142

    Equal cars in grand prix mode.

    The Mercedes is identical to the FOM car and so is already in GP mode. I don't think this is what the OP was asking for though.
  9. Ultra3142

    Will F1 2020 look better on PS5?

    I'm not convinced this last bit is true. They may well not have had access to a PS5 yet.
  10. Ultra3142

    Manual Deactivating DRS

    No .
  11. Ultra3142

    PS4 1.09 all xp gone

    This didn't coincide with the start of Season 2 of Podium Pass did it? Everyone's Tier/XP was reset at this point.
  12. Ultra3142


    Let's pretend I work for Codemasters - they're still not phsychic!
  13. Ultra3142

    Manual Deactivating DRS

    I think everyone understands what you're saying but disagrees that it's 'unrealistic', with the game behaviour matching what happens on real F1.
  14. Ultra3142


    Well, the first post was pretty useless wasn't it? I at least have absolutely no idea what problem the OP has with the game!
  15. I believe there are scenarios where NAT 1 works better though, hence Barry's suggestion. Sorry I can't be more help.
  16. Ultra3142

    Profile completion impossible

    I'll be interested if anyone has but I don't think anyone is able to get past 67% profile creation.
  17. Did you try making the change to NAT 1 that Barry suggested?
  18. Ultra3142

    Cross play between new gen and old gen consoles

    Call me cynical but personally I think it would be a mistake currently to assume the game will be playable on next gen consoles. It's not exactly bug free on the current ones.
  19. Ultra3142

    Would you pay for season-by-season DLC?

    Oh, right, sorry, I totally misunderstood your there. I thought you meant to you wanted to pay for the game once and then £10 per year after that. I'll be honest I don't really follow what you are suggesting though. Maybe I'm being thick and others understand you though.
  20. Ultra3142

    Would you pay for season-by-season DLC?

    The most obvious thought from Codemasters' perspective would be that your £160 figure would be rather less than they'd make from someone buying the new full game each year. Which I'd guess many do? There would also be an issue spanning different console generations I'd have thought?
  21. Ultra3142

    Steering Wheel Range

    It should be 360 degrees, which will match the motion of the on-screen wheel. I wouldn't view this as something to adjust at all personally.
  22. Ultra3142

    VIP privilege gone.

    The VIP access is as expected. You had VIP access to season 1, which has now ended. You have the option to pay 9,000 pitcoins for VIP access to season 2. What DLC have you lost though? That bit doesn't sound right.
  23. Ultra3142

    Safety Rating

    I believe being hit or hitting others may count the same in terms of the affect on safety rating? Does this answer your original question? I'm doubtful your safety rating is going down with no incidents at all...
  24. Ultra3142

    ERS Stuck on overtake

    You can turn it one whilst on the start line, before the lights go out to start the race. However, I think now all of the F1 YouTubers choose to turn Overtake on after having moved off from the start line for best effect. It will be interesting to see what the eSports drivers do but right now I'd expect it to be the same.