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  1. I'm sure replays don't run at 120 FPS, and it may even be 30 FPS rather than 60 FPS. I suspect what you're seeing is 'by design' rather than a bug/fault.
  2. Out of curiousity, is anyone aware of any good real-world comparison data of ABS being on/off on a car raced round a track and its impact on optimal lap time? The only comparisons I ever remember seeing are of cars braking to a complete stop in a straight line, proving that using ABS is safer since it dramatically decreases stopping distances. My non-expert expectation would be that the only downside to having ABS in use would be any extra weight from the system simply being present.
  3. Possibly with ABS off you are locking up slightly without realising, and this is removed by having ABS on? I've generally found I'm less prone to locking up in F1 2021 than F1 2020 but I wonder if it's just less obvious when this happens?
  4. It really doesn't. What it does is remove the risk of locking up. The player still has to control their braking to trail brake.
  5. Bugs not getting addressed is a different, and totally reasonable, complaint.
  6. Personally I think complaining about writing bug reports is absurd. If your car had a problem would you just leave it at a garage and tell them to 'fix it', or explain what the problem was?
  7. @BarryBL I'm not sure if you or anyone else has looked at the video in my bug report but this shows issues seemingly independent of player availability. I'm not sure if the OP's issue is identical but I suspect it may be...
  8. Fundamentally I think the incentive to drive without assists should be the challenge not because it makes anyone faster. When it comes to TT leaderboards I think it should either be possible to filter the current one according to assists used, or even better have a seperate leaderboard just for drivers using no assists.
  9. I can't help solve your issues I'm afraid but for what it's worth I think there have generally been far more problems on XBOX than PS5 and your expereince is not one shared by most PS5 owners from what I can tell (including me). Other than your clutch issue which I suspect everyone with your hardware has. A PS5 database rebuild might just help so I'd at least give this a go if I were you. I suspect you have a range of issues with different causes though.
  10. I'm curious that you say 'now' there. Was it different in previous games, or is it just that you weren't expecting this to be the case? You could create invite-only lobbies with realistic performance cars to have the races that you want. You'd just need to keep track of results/points yourself rather than the game doing this. Actually most competitive leagues hold races in lobbies like this rather than using the games Leagues functions, although they would mostly use equal car performance.
  11. As above, I'm sure there are the same number of different types of tyre in the game as there are in real iife.
  12. If you've just switched the racing line off I would personally start in TT rather than racing with AI cars.
  13. Don't wait to see that the other car is slowing down but rather anticipate that they will. Your point about using the dynamic racing line may be a significant one though.
  14. Crashing into the back of AI cars ultimately relates to a lack of patience I'd have thought? Maybe have the goal at the start to be to just hold position while you gain more control?
  15. I, and many others, agree with you:
  16. Ultra3142

    Opmeer Vid

    I know the TT leaderboards were recently reset but I love how Jarno just casually sets a world record at the start! It's interesting to see the results but no major shocks I think.
  17. I'd be fuming in your position too. However, whilst the issue is easy to replicate for you it doesn't mean it will be for others with the same equipment. You didn't mention which console you're using but certainly on PS5 there is an issue like you describe which affects some players but not others with the same kit. Edit: I believe Barry has posted noting variability like this found amongst Codemasters staff.
  18. Here's hoping that the pressure from the eSports side actually leads to some real improvements 🤞.
  19. Ah, sorry, missed the sarcasm! I'm a physicist so I can only agree that everyone should be specifying °C or °F .
  20. Any particular track? I can't say I've yet to find somewhere that I thought hards had more grip than mediums, which I think is what you're saying?
  21. @Badmayhem and @jrod22145 I'm going to guess that you two are talking about Fahrenheit whilst everyone else it referring to Celsius.
  22. If you're having the same issue with more than one game then this ratehr points more to a console issue than an F1 2021 issue. If you've tried database repairs and a console factory reset may be your best option but it's usuall advised to contact Sony first in case it can be avoided.
  23. In Alex Gillon and Tiametmarduk's 2-player career race this week, Alex's car got unrealistically left at the side of the track for the remainder of the race. Quick removal is probably better than this I think.
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