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  1. It all depends on your country. Australia and UK probably have better consumer protection laws than the US. Sony recently lost a multi-million dollar case in Australia because their refund policy wasn't up to scratch. I could quite easily argue that the game is now not "fit for purpose", since the purpose of me buying the game was to play it to completion, and I consider completion to be all trophies done. You guys have been developing games long enough, and had experience with these kind of trophies causing complaints in other games (eg. Dirt Rally and Dirt 4). These games have been fixed, bu
  2. I once hitch-hiked from near London to South Wales with some employees of Codemasters, they were great people. They appear to have been replaced by EA employees.
  3. My question is, why on earth are the dev team responsible for adding events? Can't it be set up to cycle through a list of all the original events again from now on? I'm very disappointed with this game so far, and probably won't be buying F1 2020 any time in the near future unless they fix this situation.
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