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  1. Anyone able to help me out quickly with the F1 2020 'What do you want, a medal?' trophy on Playstation. It's the only trophy left I need to complete all the trophies and get platinum so would be greatly appreciated. My username is LukeyboiWalker
  2. Think the problem is mainly for wheel users. My look back button has always been mapped to R2 but during flashbacks the fast forward button is also R2 (and I don’t think I can change that). So when I go to fast forward, it will do so but it also looks towards the rear view wing too when it’s only meant to do it on track.
  3. I've also done 2 races and gearbox wear has been less than 20% driving the same way. Think the issue is solved now @BarryBL, thanks for the hard work of fixing the problem!
  4. Have to agree with this issue. This issue only came after the 1.04 or 1.05 patch. As easy as it is to map controls, the problem is I can't seem to map controls within the flashback menus. My look back when racing is also the default R2, but it says its under 'Look back (On track only)'. However, when you go into the replay menu and press R2 to fast forward, it's also looking behind in the replay cameras.
  5. Hi @BarryBL, are we any closer to a solution for this issue?
  6. And I'm using a Thrustmaster T150 wheel with manual gears, completely the opposite to @massa88, again backing up my point thinking that we can start narrowing it down to it probably being some sort of coding in some peoples particular game causing the problem, rather than the equipment they use or game mode they play?
  7. Hi @BarryBL, I've only played MyTeam, but I'd imagine it would happen if I was to play driver career too. Think it's probably linked to our particular games, rather than just a specific game mode.
  8. Copying over the save to a USB stick was easy enough, but it's been a real struggle transferring it across to my laptop, so I haven't even been able to open the links but I really hope they work and are useful, especially if there's now a risk that the problem can't even be solved which would be an absolute disaster. .rofile profile.bin
  9. Hi, Whilst I don’t know how to do that exactly, I thought posting a video to show the wear would be the next best thing. Here is my race at Russia today having just put a brand new gearbox in at the start of the weekend. As you can already see it is at 49% half way through the race and jumps to 52% by the end of the video which is just over a lap, putting the wear at about 2% a lap. I appreciate I’m not the best driver, however, I wasn’t driving aggressively and I don’t think I drive too dissimilar to others I watch play the game. I’m also not in rich mix or using a lot of ERS a
  10. I think the reason it might be so hard to replicate is because there doesn't seem to be a defining method to create the gearbox wear problem. Certainly for me, these would be my findings so far in relation to the wear: No difference: Season Length Race Length Manual or Automatic Gearbox Controller or Wheel ABS Some difference: Wet weather (made the gearbox wear worse) Gearbox durability upgrades (made the gearbox wear slightly better overall, but nowhere near enough to complete 6 races, however in some cases, it's been no bet
  11. New gearbox installed for just the race in Hungary and ended with 93% wear on the gearbox despite it having the maximum level of durability on the car. In terms of replication, it still seems to fluctuate a lot and is not consistent at all, however that race was wet for the whole race and whilst it’s not the catalyst to the problem for the gearbox, for me it certainly makes the gearbox wear worse when the race is wet putting the wear up to 1%-2% per lap. Regardless, we need an urgent solution to this because it’s badly letting the game down.
  12. Would it be possible for F1 2021 to get team movement in the pit lane depending on where the team finished the season just like in real life? Especially in MyTeam, it would be great to see as a visual aspect how far you’re progressing and moving towards the top end of the pit lane.
  13. Started Season 2 under the 1.06 patch and genuinely thought I was getting somewhere managing a record of my first 4 races without having to change my gearbox! However, normality shortly resumed by not managing to get through more than 2 races without having to yet again take more gearbox penalties. All of Season 1 was spent on the durability side of the car and I physically can’t make my gearbox any more durable with it being on level 3 through the game, yet I still can’t get past 2 races on average. Now that my car is also beginning to get quicker with other upgrades, the gearb
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