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  1. I loved this last year. However, I recommend taking it, or this year's, with a pinch of salt for next year's game because of how different the cars will be.
  2. If you just buy the Windows version, as I mistakenly did, it'll be compatible with whichever Xbox console you have.
  3. I think they completely removed flashback from time trial because there was a bug last year in which using flashback reduced times. Granted, I can't remember if it was ever fixed. Also, what's preventing you from making the same mistake after using flashback?
  4. I have several suggestions for the driver creation suite. 1. Bring back the name, initials, and commentary name for the first created driver (initially supplied avatar). I'd prefer the creation suite not being forced upon us, though. Additionally, this driver must be selectable in the career modes. 2. Apparently, some countries are still missing a flag (second hand info). While I understand leaving out controversial and/or banned ones (cf. Russia), all others should be included. On the topic of Russia, it's "flag" should be white with RAF centered on it because of World Anti-doping Agen
  5. Ain't gonna happen until F1 removes the Belgian GP from the schedule.
  6. Nope. Xbox is 1.05. The only reason they'd get one console ahead of the other is fixing a console-specific bug.
  7. Does this year have the 5- and 10-lap options? Depending on the track, 10 laps gets close-ish to 20%.
  8. The issue with including red flags is consoles shutting down/going to sleep after a set amount of time without attention, which is what could potentially happen if the red flag's long enough. For example, red flags involving barrier repairs routinely take long enough for the console to shut off. Thus. I don't think red flags will ever be included in a racing game, let alone an F1 game. That's looking past the fact that cars involved in big accidents (and presumably any stray carbon fibre) just disappear from the track. I totally agree with the need for pit stops to be, essentially, random
  9. Please use English because a vast majority of us can't understand Spanish.
  10. I stand corrected, then. My philosophy is the teams should let their drivers race, as is done in NASCAR. Granted, F1's rule about the top 10 crrying their fastest Q2 tyres over to the race need changed to, truly, let those teams test different strategies. Of course, the two compounds mandate would, likely have to go as well, which isn't happening in the cost cap era.
  11. Look at the middle statement, mate. It, clearly, says I don't know if it's enforced.
  12. <snip> This is very evident to me because I couldn't even get a full lap started to my satifaction during wet time trials at Monaco and Hungary with the multiplayer/whatever-it's-officially-named car) after setting my assists as I left them on last year's game. For (potentially invalid) comparison, I was able to lap almost every track I tried decently for me in the various cars within a week or so of picking up f1 2020.
  13. @BarryBL The way I see it, you don't have to build Portimao or Imola yourselves, if you can get Sightly Mad to give CM their models. Granted, I'm unsure if that'd happen (CM owning SMS helps a lot) and how long tweaking their physics for F1 2021 would take (provided the former happens). Of course, you'd still have to build Jeddah, which may put the combined DLC off until autumn or winter—at the earliest and depending when you guys could start work on the track. @Chromatic The calendar changes couldn't have happened very long before the season started, at which point the game was likely to
  14. Technically, F1 as a "no team orders" rule. Granted, I don't know if its actually enforced. Thus, I don't think EA/CM will introduce them into an officially-licensed game.
  15. According to @PJTierney, whom I have no reason to disbelieve, the time trial leaderboards in the Dirt franchise(s) are cross-platform. While partial credit for adding this feature to the F1 series goes to @dezzy71 for the topic below, I liked the idea so much that I had to post it here as a poll, which I'll give my answer to first. Please explain your answer of CM have as much info as possible for this discussion internally in the future. I believe the TT leaderboards should be cross-platform because it'll make setup hunting a lot easier. As it stands, finding a full season of hot lap set
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