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  1. Please use English because a vast majority of us can't understand Spanish.
  2. I stand corrected, then. My philosophy is the teams should let their drivers race, as is done in NASCAR. Granted, F1's rule about the top 10 crrying their fastest Q2 tyres over to the race need changed to, truly, let those teams test different strategies. Of course, the two compounds mandate would, likely have to go as well, which isn't happening in the cost cap era.
  3. Look at the middle statement, mate. It, clearly, says I don't know if it's enforced.
  4. <snip> This is very evident to me because I couldn't even get a full lap started to my satifaction during wet time trials at Monaco and Hungary with the multiplayer/whatever-it's-officially-named car) after setting my assists as I left them on last year's game. For (potentially invalid) comparison, I was able to lap almost every track I tried decently for me in the various cars within a week or so of picking up f1 2020.
  5. @BarryBL The way I see it, you don't have to build Portimao or Imola yourselves, if you can get Sightly Mad to give CM their models. Granted, I'm unsure if that'd happen (CM owning SMS helps a lot) and how long tweaking their physics for F1 2021 would take (provided the former happens). Of course, you'd still have to build Jeddah, which may put the combined DLC off until autumn or winter—at the earliest and depending when you guys could start work on the track. @Chromatic The calendar changes couldn't have happened very long before the season started, at which point the game was likely to
  6. Technically, F1 as a "no team orders" rule. Granted, I don't know if its actually enforced. Thus, I don't think EA/CM will introduce them into an officially-licensed game.
  7. I can see this for future installments, but not dlc, because SMS had been working on Project CARS 3 for a year or longer when CM bought them. My guess is that F1 2021 or 2022, more likely '22, is the first time we have a chance to see them in an F1 game because CM would have to wrangle with the FIA about it due to when the purchase was made.
  8. Now that CM owns SMS, I'd like to see th elevation-style maps from Project CARS' selection screens in future F1 games once you can construct them for every track in the game because having the maps for whichever circuits overlap in the two series, while nice, would look odd.
  9. Please file a full report for each code you're getting, or CM will ignnore it unless it's been reported before. Please search for relevent topics before making your reports because none likes seeng multiple topics about te same bug.
  10. Yes, you have to fill out a new report for each different code. However, both of these are the same code, so they're both fine here.
  11. Thanks for submitting the, actual, report without being told to. However, there's a limit of one error code per report, and, you should, really, post your screenshots in portrait view so people can read them.
  12. TurkeySloth2107

    Forum bug

    It's been reported as abusive to CM and/or removed. Live with it. If I were a mod, I would've sent a strongly worded PM to you as a warning never to make another topic like that because topics like it demonstrate the poster may not belong on the forum it was posted on.
  13. This list will tell you which of the classic tracks you want can still hold F1 races. Unless CM starts asking for the player's birthdate in-game (admittedly, simple), this won't happen because they don't want alchohol or tobacco sponsors in the game.
  14. At least, you translated. But, people don't like scrolling unless necessary. Thus, please just copy and paste the unformatted text from your next translation.
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