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  1. I never posted the picture because I figured a picture of a shrouded car wasn't gonna win anyways.
  2. TurkeySloth2107

    How to Improve F1 as a title going forward

    This list will tell you which of the classic tracks you want can still hold F1 races. Unless CM starts asking for the player's birthdate in-game (admittedly, simple), this won't happen because they don't want alchohol or tobacco sponsors in the game.
  3. TurkeySloth2107

    New Update

    At least, you translated. But, people don't like scrolling unless necessary. Thus, please just copy and paste the unformatted text from your next translation.
  4. TurkeySloth2107

    Strict corner cutting in F1 2020

    That's, presumably, what the next setting down is, mate. Just use that setting as strict isn't meant to be realistic.
  5. TurkeySloth2107

    F1 2021 TRACKS

    As of now, the only ones I see listed as possibilities are a circuit around Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, FL and Autódromo de Deodoro in Rio de Janeiro, BR. We're set to lose Barcelona, Red Bull Ring, and Shanghai, though.
  6. TurkeySloth2107

    Please Help

    You, probably, made that exact post in the bug report forum and ignored the people who told you to fill out a bug report, which explains the lack of assistance.
  7. TurkeySloth2107

    F1 2020 DLC

    The game was licensed for the official schedule. Thus, @BarryBL's already stated they'll never add the extra tracks to the game. You'd know this if you'd searched for similar topics before posting this one.
  8. TurkeySloth2107

    FOM Car Idea Box

    @BarryBL, are any of these likely to happen?
  9. TurkeySloth2107

    Private Training (Free Practice with no AI)

    I'm on board here because I'd love running the other tyre compounds privately so I know how they'd behave. Sadly, TT is slightly unrealistic due to not letting us use the track's medium and hard compounds.
  10. TurkeySloth2107

    Let lapped cars overtake under SC

    Known bug.
  11. TurkeySloth2107

    F1 Driver Stats Update | 21/10/2020

  12. TurkeySloth2107

    Stats for Created Drivers

    As I mentioned in the post below, I'm one of a small number of ("some") users who've requested that custom drivers be given stats. However, I'll completely understand a negative answer, as the others should, becuase of the work required on the driver creation screen, as detailed herein. I propose the edition of a "driver experience" tab with the subsections below to the driver creation suite. 1. First GP 2. Permanent or replacement driver (number of subsequent GPs, if replacement) 3. Team (allowing cusotm input) 4. Initial contract length ("indefinite" only for first member of custom team) 5. Best finish
  13. TurkeySloth2107

    F1 Driver Stats Update | 21/10/2020

    @BarryBL, is there any chance of extra custom drivers getting stats this game? Some users, myself included, have suggested it. Granted, the stats would need to be low because the driver(s) is/are fictional.
  14. TurkeySloth2107

    Equal cars in grand prix mode.

    That's not what OP's asking for, though, rather they're asking for the FOM/multiplayer car to be put into GP mode.
  15. TurkeySloth2107

    FOM Car Idea Box

    I hope so as well. This is more of me jumping on a bandwagon, but we should be able to change the color of MyCar's number. This one's fairly easy to accomplish by just making the number an adjustable portion of the livery.