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  1. I have already explained, it is not. I am having this issue IRRESPECTIVE of the driving style. Even when I drive a lot more smoothly (similarly to your clip) and have some warm-up beforehand, the tyres are still getting too hot way too fast with over 105 degrees in a few laps. Granted, it takes about a lap or so longer to hit 105+ than with that shoddy driving, but it does regardless. And once it is in that overheating range, it gets more difficult to get it cooled down.
  2. When I drive in Hungary the way I normally do, which is a bit more refined, I don't experience this overheating issue. Even if I push round the long right hander on full lock max speed. Most time, I lift at approx the apex point, so no braking nor giving gas. Once I am about to exit the corner, I start to speed up again. Don't get me wrong, I am a pretty average driver. Nothing close to a proper RL driver at least. So, I don't experience this issue in older F1 games with a similar enough driving style, but I do have this issue in this game. So no, the fact that it is a clockwise track doesn't
  3. Well, for one, that is not how I normally drive. I was just focused on getting the video out to show the quick increase of tyre temperatures. Additionally, I didn't really have time to get the feel into it, because I had just gotten home from work and wanted to get this out ASAP. And even then, for me it is still not easy to roll with the trigger to get a smooth movement of the car. This isn't with a proper wheel. Furthermore, I did go back to F1 2019 and try the same thing over to see if it is a driving style issue or not. But I don't experience this issue there. The tyre temperatures r
  4. @BarryBL Just in case you missed it :). If you require more tests, let me know.
  5. I unfortunately had to do that, yes. But I didn't have this issue in F1 2019. And it also strikes me as odd when some others don't experience this, whilst some actually do. There seems to be more to this than meets the eye. EDIT: And I just don't want to play it like this. I want to be able to do as much of the 'realism' as possible. This means doing things like using tyre temperatures.
  6. If you see the clip, I lowered the tyre pressure by changing to the default setup. The same issue occurs in roughly a similar timeframe. It almost identical. I have also tested on low tyre pressure for just the left side, and I still have the same identical issue where the tyre temperature just plainly soars within a couple of corners.
  7. As you have requested, here is an unlisted link to the video I made in which you can see me trying a custom setup as well as a default setup later on. I have also tried at the end to show how fast I would need to drive roughly to get the temperatures down to a reasonable level. And then I showed once again how fast it creeps to the threshold where the tyres go really bad. https://youtu.be/_rT1zkdt47U
  8. I could add my setup, but it has no influence on the tyre heating. I tried all sort of setups to try and mitigate this, but the effect is the same. Within two laps I hit 110 degrees. Tried changing tyre pressures from high to low. Tried changing the toe of the car, tried changing height of the car, really just about everything that was still remotely stable for the car to drive with (so no spins etc, as that would skew the results). Tried all sorts of tracks, but this occurs on most, if not all tracks. Will try to change ABS settings and report back on the result. I think I have it on, so
  9. 1. A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. I am experiencing a rather excessive overheating of the tyres. No matter what setup changes I make to reduce tyre heat, nor change of driving style. This especially affects the front left tyre on at least the first 8 tracks that I have completed. This issue occurs in MyTeam and Grand Prix mode at the very least. I have asked others if they also experienced this and I got one other response that played on wheel, plus at least one YouTuber has mentioned experiencing the same issue: https://youtu.be/6y3_VdggG
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