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  1. kart12talwar

    Allow us to see sponsor objectives during the race weekend.

    Ok fine. It would have been great if it could have been added in the current game itself. But nevertheless, thanks 🙂
  2. kart12talwar

    Allow us to see sponsor objectives during the race weekend.

    @BarryBL can this be added in the game ? Like when we are in the garage, we can see what is the status of the objectives ? Would be a great and a useful addition
  3. kart12talwar

    Patch 1.09 | Patch Notes Deep Dive

    Thanks @BarryBL. Ok. So may be in future games ? 😜
  4. kart12talwar

    Patch 1.09 | Patch Notes Deep Dive

    With respect to using My Team car livery for offline split screen mode, I think that the player should be allowed to chose which real life team’s performance will they want their custom livery car to mimic as some people might want to fight with their friends in the mid field while some might want to fight in the front of the field. So wouldn’t it be good to give that option also to the player ?
  5. kart12talwar

    Patch 1.09 | Patch Notes Deep Dive

    @BarryBL I had a couple of questions related to using custom livery car in offline split screen mode: 1) If we use My team car in split screen mode then which of the existing car will it replace on the grid (suppose only 1 split screen player uses a custom livery car and 2nd player wants to use a ferrari or a mercedes car) ? Or will it be added as an additional car on the grid altogether ? 2) Can both split screen offline players use custom livery cars in split screen mode ?
  6. kart12talwar

    Patch 1.09 and Patch 1.10 | Patch Notes

    @BarryBL Didn’t get this one completely. You are saying that we can change AI car numbers in split screen ? e.g - leclerc’s car number or hamilton’s car number ? Or does it mean that the number customisations are now possible for your split screen offline opponent ?
  7. kart12talwar

    Release New 2020 Tracks as PAID DLC

    Ya i agree with you. But I had read a statement from Chase Carey somewhere that next year there will be a normal race calendar like last year.
  8. kart12talwar

    Red flags

    In my opinion red flags can be added to the game. But the rate of occurrence of red flag should be very low (lower than the rate at which a safety car appears). But the only advantage i see of a red flag is that you get a free pit stop without losing time for that stop. Other than that, there could either be a standing restart or restart behind a safety car. But having a red flag in practice sessions in the game makes no sense. Red flag will make sense only in the race in the game. Even if red flag is introduced in the game, there can be an option given to fast forward the time directly to the restart (something like how we skip/ fast forward repair time in garage in practice/ qualifying sessions).
  9. kart12talwar

    Release New 2020 Tracks as PAID DLC

    As much as all of us would like to drive on these new F1 tracks in the game, I don’t think CM will add new tracks to the game. I disagree with you. First of all yes there are licensing issues involved due to which they cannot add new tracks in the current game. Who knew that due to the pandemic, the entire real life F1 calendar will change ? Since CM releases its F1 game in July/ Aug every year, it wouldn’t have been possible for them to add the new tracks at such a short notice. Secondly, CM’s has said many times that it takes them a lot of time to develop these new tracks. Yes they would have the data from previous games for tracks like nurburgring, but rework on the curbs, scenary, etc will have to be done to match the current game standards. So, it won’t be possible for them to add it to this years game or even next year unless these tracks are on the F1 calendar next year (which they are not)
  10. kart12talwar

    Sponsors descriptions for F1 2021

    I understand what you are saying but to be honest I don’t think that such an addition to the game is required. Anyone who really wants to get information about the teams sponsors can google it and find out. Also this feature may not be required by the majority of the gamers playing the game as many are causal gamers. So not sure what CM’s thinks about this but in my opinion its not required
  11. kart12talwar

    F1 Tracks

    As per CM these tracks will be added only if they are on the F1 calendar in 2021. FIA has said that these tracks wont be on the calendar next year so most probably these tracks won’t be added to F1 2020 due to licensing issues.
  12. kart12talwar

    Sponsors descriptions for F1 2021

    What would this new tab add to the game ? You can even look all these details up on the internet. Why do you need such a tab in the game altogether ?
  13. kart12talwar

    Team acclaim reset to 1

    I have been playing My team mode since the time i posted this issue and till now haven’t got the same issue back again. But it’s better Barry confirms before we can be sure of it.
  14. kart12talwar

    Pit stop without changing tires

    Ok then i am not really sure how it goes about in F2 as i play only F1 in the game.