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  1. Ok fine. It would have been great if it could have been added in the current game itself. But nevertheless, thanks 🙂
  2. @BarryBL can this be added in the game ? Like when we are in the garage, we can see what is the status of the objectives ? Would be a great and a useful addition
  3. I have been playing My team mode since the time i posted this issue and till now haven’t got the same issue back again. But it’s better Barry confirms before we can be sure of it.
  4. Also, if there can be an option to add your national flag to the helmet or different flag designs. eg- charles’s, vettel’s, sainz’s helmet designs displaying their respective national flag designs
  5. @BarryBL this looks to be some issue regarding Dutch GP because most of the posts here for acclaim issue are at/ just after finishing Dutch GP
  6. @BarryBL just wondering whether the team acclaim that had got reset to 0 be increased proportionately in the upcoming patch or how is this gonna be solved ?
  7. @BarryBL Even before Patch 1.07 came out, this issue didn’t re-occur. However, my driver and team acclaim had got revised to 0 after Dutch GP in season 1 of My Team mode. Now I have again raised the team acclaim to above Level 10 and Driver acclaims to level 8. However, with Patch 1.07, my team and driver acclaims have not been increased proportionately. My driver acclaim was already level 10 by Dutch GP (when this issue happened) as I had signed a new sponsor just before Dutch GP. so can you please tell it this issue will be rectified in the next patch ? And will my team and driver
  8. Hi @BarryBL Any update on this issue from the developers ? Because neither could I see any point for acclaim decrease in the new patch notes nor has the status/ tag of this issue has been updated to ‘upcoming patch’ or something.
  9. Ya even my team and driver acclaims had got reset to level 1 after Dutch GP ! Maybe some issue with Dutch GP in the game
  10. Is this feature there in the game ? Because I am unable to change the colour of the sponsors on the race suit and helmet in ‘my team’ mode
  11. Ok fine @BarryBL. Hope the patch increases the team acclaim proportionately ! 👍🏻
  12. @BarryBL it would be great if we can change the colour of the sponsor on the race suit and helmet according to our choice. Like in my game, my race suit is white in colour and the sponsor colour is also white so the sponsor logo/ name is not visible on my race suit untill I change the colour of my race suit. So can this feature be added for race suit and helmet ?
  13. @BarryBL - any update on this from the developers ? also, I had the following queries as well with respect to the above query: 1) When the patch comes for this issue, will it automatically get updated in the saved my team mode ? 2) My team acclaim was level 5 before start of Dutch GP (when the acclaim was reset to level 1). Now i have finished the Canadian GP today and my team acclaim is almost level 6 (after the team level was reset to level 1. So i have increased the team acclaim to level 6). Will my team acclaim after the patch be revised to accommodate the previous accl
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