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  1. share the same rank, there are coincidences! 4294967295 My license is also from 1.1.1970 Something went wrong with their database. I'm looking forward to the fix.
  2. Interesting, previously had the number 578813952 from others and me. I had spun that the number 578813952 corresponds to 552 megabits, corresponds to 69 megabytes, which is a bit output. Because a nine-digit day display makes no sense. Item Shop and Podium Pass crash
  3. A admin should merge the threads so that everyone stays up to date. Item Shop and Podium Pass crash
  4. MattRoxx

    Problem with pitcoin

    I found a pined tread to your issue. XBOX - Pre-order PitCoins are not being awarded
  5. Addendum, connected my PC to my smartphone via a mobile hotspot to ensure that the router did not cause the problems. No effect. Than I looked for the mysterious number 578813952 from the timer, may be coincidental but 578813952 bit corresponds to 552 mbits, corresponds to 69 megabytes. That could be a hint that maybe a line of code is read incorrectly because a bit size is output? But you didn't install the game on the same pc, so F1 2020 twice only for different users? Could someone read out in the crash report what is the reason for ending the game? It is only the Schumacher Edition where the crash occurs? The same crash affects all platforms, Steam, XBox, Playstation?
  6. my key was bought directly from Steam, F1 2020 Deluxe Schumacher Edition. And no coins either.
  7. I tried some things, unfortunately without success. I activated the port forwarding for the ports TCP: 27015-27030,27036-27037 UDP: 4380,27000-27031,27036 which I read at https://portforward.com/f1-2020/ I disabled the Windows firewall and virus protection I searched for a relevant error in the Windows event viewer at the time of the crashes, and found nothing. Tried the online mode of F1 2020, which at least showed me the lobbys, it is probably not because of that.
  8. As I've seen, you also have this strange timer with 578.813.952 days(?), thats 1.625.881 years Perhaps the timer is broken, causing the itemshop to crash?
  9. Have the same problem on the PC Windows 10 64Bit (1909) since the release. Nvidia Driver is the nevest 451.67 It doesn't matter if I start the Game with dx11 or dx12, as an administrator or not. Thanks for your help 666824-20200714-095930-0.zip