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  1. Yep, exactly what I’ve also had. Also the helmets and all racing suits or gloves are pixeled and blurred. Also what you can do is to mention BarryBL in your bug report (like @BarryBL...) and then propably Admin and Codies staff will try to answer your bug report and you can give some questions to them
  2. Please write a bug report with your problem and then Codies will see it and they will also try to fix it. By the way, I totally agree with you but the difference is that I’m playing on Xbox One S but I have the same blurred and pixeled graphics
  3. You read my mind..........EXACTLY
  4. But I have already done a bug report with Xbo as a platform and I don’t want to spam with another bug reports like this. Also Devs said that they are working on that.
  5. Yep, but I also wanted to add that this problem happens also on consoles and you can see on forums some issues like this which happens on PS4 or Xbox
  6. I’m playing on Xbox One S so I can’t do anything without a patch😢
  7. Maybe...but I didn’t see any major progress to be honest. I still hope for a patch (also on Xbox) which will fix it. I also realised that the problem is not at all tracks. For example in Austria, Hungary or Spa everything is OK. I hope devs will do something with that soon like it was in F1 2019. Devs also said that they’re working on that, so...some positive news.
  8. Yep, I agree with you. Most textures in F1 2020 are pixeled and blurred and they look awful. For example in F1 2019 everything was alright.
  9. BartexBucket

    F1 2020 Anti Aliasing

    Please do a bug report and the Devs will see your problem. By the way, I have the same issue on Xbox One S but also with (not)rendering textures
  10. BartexBucket

    Pixel Issues

    Nice feedback mate👍 But please, write a bug report and then Devs and Admins will see your problem and try to repair it.
  11. BartexBucket

    Williams Engine cover is wrong?

    Also Williams race suits are wrong. In game they are Alpinestars and in real life they are OMP
  12. BartexBucket

    Pixel Issues

    Totally agree with you. I have the same on Xbox One S, but I have also pixeled gloves, race suits, T-shirts, drivers in cutscenes, walls (in motorhome and in the garage)
  13. BartexBucket

    Pixel Issues

    I have the same with all textures in game. Codies ans Devs - wake up!
  14. Hi @BarryBL, this is another bug report which is also about graphics and textures quality (PLEASE READ IT)
  15. Yep, please do that. Devs will finally see some major bug which needs to be fixed.