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  1. yeah… i think i don’t have activated xbox preview subscribtion sooo it seems like there is somewhere else problem
  2. Got a question… how to do it hah😅 because I’m type of the nerd and do not know exactly how to fix it with this solution
  3. Yep I will try it but you know… only week ago everything worked perfectly, and today I wanted to play and I couldn’t with race with my wheel
  4. Platform: Xbox One S Controller: Logitech G920 Problem: When G920 is connected it starts to crash and blinks with black screens every second. But when I’m playing with my Xbox gamepad everything is alright. It looks like the game isn’t even finding my wheel. What is interesting, almost week ago I was normally playing on G920 with F1 2021 and it was all good (i’m playing F1 2021 since premiere). This thing only happens in F1 2021, for example in Assetto or FH4 everything is alright. Is there anything you can do about it Codies. Any possibility to fix it? @BarryBL
  5. I have the same problem on Xbox One S and G920. Hope they will fix it soon.
  6. yesss… exactly the same on G920 on Xbox One S. Every time I open f1 2021 with G920 connected the game starts to blink with black screens. Hope they will fix this.
  7. Yep guys, the same on Xbox One S...blurred, pixeled and awful graphics. I think it’s something about anti-aliasing.
  8. @BarryBL Can you do something with our problem? This low quality textures are really annoying me. Please! I hope for a patch
  9. There is also link from Forums where there are some photos:
  10. Hi, i’m playing F1 2020 game since premiere and I still have got very annoying bug with low quality graphics/textures. I hope for a patch. I have F1 2019 and everything is OK but in F1 2020 it is really bad. 1. A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. During pre-race cutscenes and during training and qualifications cutscenes, textures are really poor. I mean race suits, gloves, helmets and etc. On after race scenes everything is alright. Also when there is grid order scene drivers have got poor quality suits and faces and caps. Sometimes team badg
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