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  1. Hi everyone, Has anybody ever found a value of "12" for a "surface type" on which wheels are running, and knows what it means? The CM documentation states that surface types go from 0 (tarmac) to 11 (ridged), so that's 12 different values, but in Suzuka I managed to get a "12" value and thus my app crashed, because it was missing this enum case... Documentation seems to be lacking at least one value, meanwhile I've tagged it as "yet to be defined"... Thanks!
  2. I didn't check everything, but in my experience, driver #100 is used to represent the player in My Team mode. Figured it out when I witnessed I was appearing as Roy Nissany when playing in My Team mode using my telemetry app :) Could #100 be used to mean different drivers depending on the context? That would not be cool since I'm not sure the type of game (career, My Team, championship etc.) can be inferred from the raw telemetry data...
  3. I also got that value when Bottas' engine broke in an offline race, can someone explain the difference with "6" which is supposed to be "retired"?
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