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  1. Not being able to restart a session with a different difficulty like we could in F1 2020 is making it so frustrating to play this game. Especially considering the AI seems quite inconsistent between sessions. In F12020 I would normally adjust my difficulty based on my teammate's results from FP1 then fine tune a bit between quali sessions. This resulted in races where I was right where I should be in terms of difficulty. Now this is not possible anymore. Results in FP1 are very different from quali, so setting the difficulty after practice doesn't quite work. And not being able to change
  2. Came here looking for a solution. Not being able to quit a session to restart it in a different difficulty is incredibly frustrating. It wouldn't be that big of a problem if the difficulty didn't change so much from track to track. You can change it from the workstation but there's no way to go back to the workstation without retiring from the session. In F12020 it was so easy: I'd quit to the main many and came back to the game and kit the options key. Voilà. Super easy. I hope Codemasters reconsiders and re-adds this.
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