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  1. Ranked online, no one else on the WiFi at the moment
  2. Still having some issues but not as many as before. Just had an error code HO500 pop up now. Not sure what this meant?
  3. @BarryBL the game seems to be working fine now for a week, I haven’t changed anything personally so wasn’t sure if you guys had fixed it?
  4. @BarryBL just contacted virgin, they said theres no issue with download or upload speed and ping is good. They said that as long as you have a wired connection there shouldn’t be any issues with getting kicked from the lobby. They said that because there is no issue in other comparable games it must be the f1 2020 servers. Because it’s a new game there can be issues where servers cannot cope with the number of players as they have not tested the game or experiencing issues. The fact that others are having the same problem within 5 laps of the race proves that it must be a Codemasters issue.
  5. I have seen the actual error code 50% of the time during disconnects. The rest of the time it just says lost connection to Xbox live. However I can still access all Xbox live features including parties and even join straight back into another f1 lobby. I have tried removing all other accounts and it didn’t make a difference.
  6. @BarryBL I have a hard wired connection, recently having an issue with download speeds from virgin media wifi. Will have a word with them. My question is, how come there is no issue at all with this connection on previous f1 games 2018, 19 and no connection problems in games like fifa, gta, cod but such a consistent and regular disconnection within F1 2020?
  7. @BarryBL thanks for this update. I have four people using the wifi in my house each of which have a phone connected to the wifi. Two people work off this wifi during the day with one person taking a couple zoom calls a day. However in the evening both people stop using the wifi and later on when everyone is off the wifi I play f1 and still get disconnected when it is only me actively using the wifi. I may be able to complete the odd 3 lap race but cannot do anything more than 4 laps.
  8. swifishy

    Patch 1.08 | Patch Notes

    This waffle is honestly so disappointing. It’s been under investigation for more than a month now, what has the network team actually achieved in that time? Please provide details, i payed £55 for this game and I want to play the game I payed for and I want to hear a proper answer from people who are actually looking at the problem! Why wasn’t this happening in the last f1 games and happening now! I understand it’s a difficult issue but something like this should be prioritised over the superficial things like you mentioned.
  9. swifishy

    Patch 1.08 | Patch Notes

    @BarryBL has error code HO78.6443 been fixed yet? You mention “have had to prioritise issues that are critical to players playing the game” but haven’t fixed people being kicked every single multiplayer race. It’s getting ridiculous that after 7 patches this hasn’t been sorted and that half the games overall content can not be used. We have provided bug reports and footage but have given little communication as to what the issue is.
  10. Can others send their pictures if their having this issue as well otherwise no progress is going to be made. Can’t believe I spent £50 on this game and can’t get to play online. Please do your part!!! @BarryBL has there been any progress? Thanks
  11. Hi @BarryBL I gave the network speed another go slightly better latency. Hope we’re making some progress as I really want to get into some online races soon!! Thanks
  12. Hi @BarryBL here’s the screen. I feel like my latency changes depending on time of day, due to people using the WiFi for work etc. Maybe at night it will be different. And yep let’s Leave fut champs for another day 😂
  13. Hi @BarryBL I’m using virgin media and had no connection issues of the same type in the previous f1 games and rarely have connection issues in games such as fifa and cod
  14. Does this include error code HO78.6443 where players are getting kicked out of all multiplayer races even when still connected to Xbox live?
  15. Finally a some acknowledgement from the this company about being respectful! Focus on fixing your game!!! and don’t worry I’m getting my refund today and looking forward to it lol