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    29 minutes ago, Saaa said:

    Last week i had no problems. This weekend i have exact the same problem. 

    Yesterday (saturday) i tried 4 times, every single time i was given 0 points. 

    Today (sunday) i decided to try again, i did the race and i managed to reach P3. The only thing that was different here was that i was alone in the lobby which gave me the points i deserved. 

    So i decided to give it another try because i was given 2 warning so i felt i could do better. This time there were 2 other players in the lobby, i drove faster without a warning, result 0 points. 

    It feels like when there are multiple players in the lobby something is conflicting. 

    Hopefully somebody of the developers reads this message and might this response be helpfull... 

    Kind regards, saaa69

    Interesting that you also experienced this. I did the Silverstone event this week, despite Paul Ricard never working, because I needed to do one more weekly event race for the “Chromed” Livery challenge. In this race, my opponent quit halfway through, and I got the points, I’m currently in the top 2%. But whenever I have had other players that finish the race with me, that is when I have gotten nothing.

  2. To add a little tidbit of information to this, the event is now over and, despite having taken part in qualifying and successfully setting a time beforehand, this glitch in the race has prevented me from receiving even the lowest level of trophy. I got no reward for my efforts whatsoever. Given I was in the top 18% after quali I’m pretty annoyed not to get anything at all.


    So this basically means there is absolutely zero reason for me to ever take part in these events in the future unless it is fixed. Attached is a screenshot of my mailbox, that clearly shows the email I received confirming my quali time had registered, and a screenshot of my weekly events trophy page which is empty.



  3. Upon completing my race in the Weekly Event currently active (Circuit Paul Ricard) I got a post-race screen telling me I got a score of 0. Upon returning to the menus and looking at the Leaderboard both my quali time and final score have a simple hyphen next to them and nothing else. My qualification time did register correctly yesterday and is still shown on the “Go to Qualifying” icon. After this happened I restarted my game and waited to see if it would update later. After 8 hours I decided it must not have registered so I ran the race a second time. I got a warning message saying i would lose my result if I continued, even though I didn’t have a score. After completing the race a second time the exact same sequence of events happened. I have attached images of each menu screen I mentioned. 


    I don’t know if this is relevant or not but i ran a network statistics test on my xbox to see if my multiplayer connection was the cause and couldn’t find anything wrong. I recorded the results of that test so can provide those if needed.


    GT: CptShort97

    F1 2020 Schumacher Edition

    Xbox One S

    Version 1.02

    Multiplayer - Weekly Event




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