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  1. i did say itll be about a week to sort something, so theres no need to comment on the recruitment post

  2. ReR DEM0N

    Delete this thread

    still looking for more drivers
  3. ReR DEM0N

    F1 2020

    Saturday 8pm GMT https://discord.gg/wp5aAF83J6
  4. ReR DEM0N

    Looking for a clean league on Xbox

    Saturday 8pm GMT https://discord.gg/wp5aAF83J6
  5. ReR DEM0N

    Xbox no assists league

    We allow ABS, Traction and Corners only. Saturday 8pm GMT Want any infomation just join the discord below https://discord.gg/2uenQa3C5Z
  6. ReR DEM0N

    Delete this thread

    Formula Racing League (FRL) is a CLOSED
  7. Formula Racing League Were currently looking for a Commentator that will be here every week. If you're intersted join via the discord link below Saturday 8pm GMT https://discord.gg/EuEv7stGrW
  8. ReR DEM0N

    Looking for a league Xbox

    Formula Racing League Saturdays 8pm GMT 18 Min Qualifying 50% Race https://discord.gg/EuEv7stGrW
  9. looking for 1 maybe 2 drivers to compelte a full 3 tiers now
  10. 8 drivers now needed to complete a full 3 tiers
  11. League is due to start on the 8th August. All Drivers of any level are welcome
  12. Still looking for more drivers to complete all tiers
  13. ReR DEM0N

    looking for xbox league

    we have a league with 3 Tiers all run on a Saturday in GMT or BST time, Tier 1 - 10pm Tier 2 - 8pm Tier 3 -8pm Depending on you evalutation time depends on what tier you race in. If your interest in this please drop in on our Discord server..... https://discord.gg/XtDvyaN