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  1. Newtown99

    Unable to join ANY multiplayer session

    Same problem Steam 1.08 ranked and unranked
  2. Newtown99

    Are F1 brakes linear/non linear?

    Not sure exactly what you're asking but I think it has to do with using the Logitech brake pedal which has rubber piece in it which provides artificial resistance to the pedal. The answer is, no F1 pedals are not like this and I removed the rubber piece which will give you a similar feel to the clutch. There are better pedals on the market that will simulate the resistance of the brake much better than the Logitech pedals, but if that's not an option I'd stick with using the clutch or get rid of the rubber piece.
  3. Newtown99

    Time to Bite the Bullet

    **Ah this sucks, I just wrote this all out, not realizing the T300 is not compatible with Xbox. From a quick google search, I'm told the most comparable wheel is the Thustmaster TX but I cant speak from experience....posting anyway*** I think it really depends how much you think your going to use the wheel. If you just want to try it and see what the difference is between that and a pad, and potentially have the budget for a full upgrade in the future, try a cheaper wheel like the Thrustmaster TMX. I've never used one, the pedals look pretty cheap but if you're just trying it out, this is probably your best option. The next step up would be the G920, which I personally wouldn't recommend after using it for a few years. I had a wheel before (DFGT) and a wheel after (spoiler alert, T300) and I preferred both of them over the G920 with regards to handling. (I also believe there's some sort issue with the G29 and G920 and this game and although it hasn't been confirmed, I'm not the only one who feels this way. I recommend searching the forum about these wheels before buying). I can speak highly of the pedals however, well if you're willing to put in a little work. The pedals are heavy and have a great feel to them, except for the brake. In order to add resistance to them, they added a rubber piece inside of the spring. It's unnecessary and makes it harder to get a consistent feel for the pedal IMO. It takes about a half hour to remove the piece, but you'll void any warranty taking it out. As I said though, great pedals otherwise. And last is what I believe is your best option: The Thrustmaster T300. It's the wheel I just purchased and is by far an upgrade over the G920. The handling is better and the FFB while a little lighter, is quieter, more precise and smooth. It also has a lot more options at purchase which can help keep down costs and allow you to upgrade later. If you buy the base, wheel and pedals separately it will give you the option of starting out closer to the G920 price range but allowing you to upgrade the wheel and pedals at a later date. The biggest downside are the pedals that are likely to come at purchase, unless you split up the bundle. I've never used the stock pedals that come with the basic bundle but the plastic design makes me think they leave a lot to be desired. However, as mentioned, you can upgrade those at a later date and even buy adapters to use different manufacturers pedals if you choose. The Ferrari F1 wheel is also a nice upgrade option, especially if you expect most of your racing to be done in F1 cars. Again, assuming there is at least flexibility in your budget, my sole consideration would be how confident I am that I'm going to continue to use a wheel. I've seen other posts about giving up on the wheel out of frustration, so that's something to consider. But I can tell you that when I got my first wheel, the pad was never the same and I never used it again if I had the option.
  4. Newtown99

    Mexico GP

    As a general thing I've noticed about most if not all tracks, is you seem to gain on the AI/delta on the straights, and lose a bit(or at least gain less) in the corners. Mexico's first sector is pretty much just 2 long straights and sector three is all slow turns. As for the last corner, it is indeed a tricky one, you really need to hit your braking point just right so you are able to fully accelerate out of the corner without lifting in order to set you up for the long straight. But that means not getting on the throttle too soon or you'll slide up into the wall. I have by no means mastered the corner myself, but I have the most luck when i hit my braking point just right that I'm able to cut inside the *sausage curb* with my front right wheel and slowly accelerating until I'm sure I wont slide up into the wall before putting my foot to the floor. As marioho notes, perfecting trail braking into this corner will really help you get the car turned, allowing you to get on the throttle sooner.
  5. Newtown99

    Track Limits and Penalty System(Multiplayer)

    Thanks for the reply, and I get what you're saying about consistency but I think we'll have to agree to disagree. As I explained my position here: Admittedly, I could see how this type of system could be harder to implement but I think it would lead to a more realistic game. I've played F1 games since the '90's so I've seen how the penalty systems have evolved. I think the strict setting has gone a little over kill in the past couple of years, but I've also seen it not being strong enough so I understand why they're using a one size fits all approach. But I think they can do better and while I've pointed out numerous corners already where the game will punish you (or take a great lap away from you in Qualifying, or TT) here's another. Last turn at Zandvoort. You don't even need to touch the gravel on the exit, you just need to take all of the curb and your lap will be penalized. That's not how it'd work IRL, and its not how it should work in the game, IMO anyway. But as I've said numerous times, I can live with what they have now, just don't be so punitive on the safety rating and I'd be happy.
  6. Newtown99

    Track Limits and Penalty System(Multiplayer)

    Cheers, glad my explanation helped clear up my concerns up for you. I've just played a few more hours and think I have a better understanding of how the penalty system actually works. I played ranked multiplayer again, but before I started, I checked out my Super License and was shocked to see that I had nearly as many penalties, as I had races contested. While dumbfounded at first, I eventually realized the problem: when you get DQ'd from qualifying for a corner infraction, regardless of how insignificant the infraction is, the game penalizes you the same as if you were to have blasted through the Nouvelle Chicane in Monaco at without lifting. The reason my safety rating was only increasing by 1 pt per race is because I had lost so many % points being penalized for screwing up my qualifying lap, somewhere around 5 pts per race by my best estimate. This, once again, seems pretty dumb if intentional. If you cut a corner, you're already starting from the back(ish) of the field, why deny any chance for the player to improve their safety rating in the race as well? Regardless, I learned my lesson, and no matter how bad my lap would end up being, I made sure I didn't cut/extend corners in qualifying. Sure enough, I was able to raise my safety rating by 50+ points over a few hours even getting the odd corner cut/extension warning during races. Now that I have it figured it out, I'm not too concerned that I'll be able to get back up to where it should be, but without question, CM's logic with regards to corner cuts/extensions is flawed, especially in regards to qualifying. I'd suggest first having a better understanding of what constitutes gaining an advantage, and then cracking down on players who consistently run afoul of the warning system by gaining an advantage. Then, ignore safety rating consequences altogether when it comes qualifying, if you get DQ'd, that's penalty enough, what does it have to do with safety first of all? And second, if you can make it through the field without getting collision warnings, then your safety rating should go up significantly. Those are my suggestions, as of today anyway.
  7. Newtown99

    Track Limits and Penalty System(Multiplayer)

    For T1 a Spa, perhaps it wasn't the best example because its a corner cut but my point is that there's no need to enforce track limits on corners where there's physical track limits anyway (ie wall, gravel or sometimes grass), even if it extends the 2 wheel rule. This seems to be the way the FIA looks at these types of corners as well. The difference between the most you can take legally (according to the 2 wheel rule), and the most you can take physically is minuscule on many corners. My belief is that if the advantage that could be gained is negligible, the FIA will not bother to enforce those corners. We heard it before Hungary: 'FIA is enforcing track limits on exits of turns 4, 11 and 12.' Why not the whole track? Because the rest of the track denies the opportunity for a significant advantage to be gained**. Turns 3 and 5 are good examples where the game will warn/penalize you, but it's redundant because if you've gone that wide, you've already lost time. **This doesn't include if a driver were to intentionally blow through a chicane like T7, but both the game and the FIA pick that up easily so it doesn't need to be monitored closely. But again, back to my original bone of contention, corner cutting/extension warnings (not penalties) affecting your safety rating: I'm now wondering if its actually broken, although it'd be quite odd if I were the only one noticing it. I just played ranked multiplayer for roughly three hours and paid close attention to my safety rating. I did not receive a single penalty yet my safety rating dropped by a net 10+ points, all of it due to corner warnings. Even in races where I managed not to get a single warning, my safety rating only improved by 1% per race, where as it appears to drop by at least 1% for each warning. It's dumb, I'm not driving unsafe. I'm now trying my hardest not to cut or go wide on corners which can cost me a ridiculous amount of time as I'm not perfect and miss my braking point from time to time. And the cherry to top it off, even when I've lost a significant amount of time trying to ensure I navigate a corner 'legally', the game is often not recognizing the lost time and warning me anyway. So now I get the luxury of dealing with a new a**hole every couple of races who takes more pleasure punting someone off the road, than actually racing them. And its all because I miss my braking point a couple of times a race or don't always accurately judge the exact millisecond I can get on the power. There's an easy fix CM, just don't tie corner warnings to your safety rating. The game already calculates that multiple warnings = a penalty, why not just wait for a penalty to be assessed before affecting the safety rating?
  8. Newtown99

    Track Limits and Penalty System(Multiplayer)

    I think the hitting a wall penalty is only there to stop people intentionally bouncing off walls without damage, enabling them to go quicker through a corner. If I'm correct, then because you've bounced across the track, and have lost or will continue to lose speed, the game won't penalize you. However, a minor glance at full speed, without losing a significant amount of time could run a foul of the penalty system. It probably could use fine tuning as well, as light touches with a wall are not usually a major problem in real F1 either, but too much and their race is over. I used the wall bouncing technique myself during the CART World Series days with no penalties, and I assume that style of driving is still possible if the right circumstances arise.
  9. Newtown99

    Track Limits and Penalty System(Multiplayer)

    I really think in the future they should aim for a penalty system along these lines if they want to go for realism and I don't think it'd necessarily have to be madness. Have 4 (or so) different categories of corner ie Strict, Normal and Lenient and Off(for example, turn one at Spa - there is no way a warning/penalty should be given for cutting as close the the wall as you can get) and give each corner a rating. The amount of detail that already goes into each individual track, surely its couldn't be too hard to have individual corner cutting ratings for each corner as well. I don't think its that precise. For example, you losing time could still be the fastest I've ever gone through a corner. If you touch the gravel trap even with just an inch or two of your tire you will lose a not so insignificant amount of speed and therefore could not have gained an advantage. This makes the penalty system redundant, even if its just a warning, it's unnecessary and will affect your overall safety rating (again this is where my primary issue lies). Arguably, it could be considered less safe if you don't save it and end up spinning out. Yet there would be no effect to your rating, because you lost all of your speed.
  10. Newtown99

    Track Limits and Penalty System(Multiplayer)

    As you said, F1 has an inconsistency enforcing the 2 wheel rule, so while it may technically be the rule, its only on specific circuits and specific corners that it's enforced. I think F1 actually does a pretty good job enforcing limits, as some corners will punish you anyway if you go to too wide, whats the need to enforce the 2 wheel rule? The best examples I can think of off the top of my head are Austrailia T14, or Monza Lesmo 1. If you go wide here, you're in the gravel and will just be lucky to save it, but if you apply a one size fits all 2 wheel rule to it, then you get a penalty or a warning as well. All of that is a little besides the point though, although surely an area for improvement. The game seems to do a decent job distinguishing from honest/accidental corner cuts and blatantly trying to gain an advantage, they should have the same sensibilities when it comes to the safety ratings, and they don't.
  11. Newtown99

    Track Limits and Penalty System(Multiplayer)

    It was ranked which only has the strict option, but the point is multiple warnings in game for cutting (if it had been a severe cut, it would have been a penalty) should not affect your safety rating. Especially considering this type of 'cutting' is usually just the normal racing line IRL. I read somewhere that the strict setting means 2 wheels must be on the track at all times. I'm not sure if it's true but seems to make sense from what I've seen so far. If that is the case, then that is far from how F1 actually works and most importantly, not dangerous in the least to go slightly beyond that. Basically, if you don't get an actual penalty in the race, then your safety rank should not be affected when it comes to corner cutting, and even when penalties are handed out, they shouldn't be anywhere near as severe as those who wreck frequently and/or intentionally.
  12. My problem is not with the penalty system per say, but how the penalties themselves are calibrated. All racing games that I've played have an imperfect penalty system, for example, the...player, who intentionally crashes into another player, even when clear as day, is not always, or even usually the one who gets punished. I get it, this stuff isn't perfect, and the algorithms do the best they can. The idea is that, over time, those who are consistently causing crashes will get caught in the systems and their rating will reflect that, makes sense. Drivers who take an extra 6 inches on a corner(entry or exit) do not deserve to be lumped into the 'D' grade safety rating as those who intentionally cause crashes! I've done 3.5 seasons on My Team mode and have learned the tracks and their limits pretty well on 'Regular' corner cutting stringency. However, if you chose to play ranked multiplayer mode, you will consistently be nailed with track limits warnings at the very least, and penalties in the worst case. Credit where credits due, the game does recognize, 6 inches of extra tarmac is not worthy of a penalty, even if that 6 inches happens multiple times in a race. The problem arises after the race, when the game assumes that because you had multiple warnings, that you weren't driving safe. <---This needs to change! Drivers getting multiple warnings for taking the smallest of liberties with the track, as is allowed under "Regular" corner cutting settings(which is truly the closest to real life settings), should not be penalized anywhere near the equivalent of drivers consistently in collisions with other drivers when it comes to safety ratings or even the initial time penalties themselves. I never, and I stress never, intentionally crash someone, and yet my safety rating puts me in with the worst of the worst. And it's because I have gotten used to the game and its tracks on a penalty system that more resembles real life, then the 'Strict' setting that's mandatory for ranked online play. And I get it, I do. Give the players an inch(or 6) and they'll take(a foot or) a mile. Regardless of that, minor corner cuts or extended track limits(to a certain extent) is just no where near the infraction as being an intentional and/or frequent collision causer, not even close, and the penalty system should reflect that.
  13. Newtown99

    Spectator applause (annoying)

    I had this problem last night in Vietnam. Not only is it 10x louder than my engine down the front straight, but its also louder than Jeff sitting in the garage. Not sure, but I think it only started after the last patch. Hopefully they can fit it on the next one.
  14. Newtown99

    TMX or G920

    Well, I know its not easy to get a second wheel to try it, but thats what convinced me. It's probably not the best comparison, but even a pad may give you an idea that something not quite right with your wheel. Good luck!
  15. Newtown99

    TMX or G920

    Understeer, usually mid corner, causing you to either go off into the wall or bring the car to such a slow speed so as to be uncompetitive. The other guys also had a problem accelerating out of corners with massively unstable rear ends but the fix seems easy enough by adding medium traction control. And tire pressure can make a big difference, but hard to know if that would have been enough to fix it now that I'm on my third wheel and the G920 is in a closet. But I'm surprised you hadn't noticed it before. It's the inconsistency with the problem that got me, some corners made the game virtually unplayable while the rest seemed to be what you'd expect.