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    How many Flashbacks do you use during a race weekend

    Depends on how idiotic I am driving. Primarily I use way too many.
  2. JensenATX

    Start new practice program without having to garage?

    I think this would be a good idea as well. I do think however in order to keep the realism that if a tyre change is needed one must return to the garage.
  3. JensenATX

    AI Difficulty

    Doing a my team I found Bahrain to be far too easy. Went into Q3 and was in P2 when I messed up the strategy and ended last because I thought my tires had more life. Oh well you live and learn.
  4. JensenATX

    How are you all finding F1 2020?

    Before going into this I should say I played the 2017 edition then sat out 18 and 19 but with a pandemic I figured we would give the 20 edition a shot. I must say I am finding the game very enjoyable. The racing is fun. The my team mode is fantastic. The feel of the car especially on full force feedback is really good. Now there are a few problems/bugs that needs to be ironed out. One I noticed is the alternate strategy on the MFD it won’t let you select anything else. There is the annoying “connecting with online services” screen. Overall it’s a game I will spend a lot of time with over the coming months.
  5. JensenATX

    Strategy mfd

    Yes same here. Ignored a call at one race yet it showed the pit entry line on every subsequent lap.