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  1. I got me a logi G29 Race wheel and I want to edit the profile and change the steering calibration and the like but for some reason it always reverts to the default profile even if I go in and change it. First it will not let me save over the default profile for the wheel it makes me save a custom mapping and then when I do so and back out of the menu and go back to driving and then nothing has changed go back in and the game automatically sets the active mapping to the default which I cannot change. I just want to make it so I do not have to turn the wheel from lock to lock IRL to do so in the game since I do not have an F1 specific wheel and when the wheel is upside down makes it hard to up and down shift and it cost me time (and wear and tear on the gear box and Power Unit when I shift into neutral on accident at +10,000 RPM) Another thing I noticed is it will not let me map the clutch pedal to the clutch in the game. Is it not set up to use an axis to engage the clutch does it have to be a button?
  2. Yep I posted about this same bug 😞 It cost me a race. I hope it is patched out.
  3. Seems odd as the interface is very much the same as in F1 2019 and it works perfectly in 2019 but is all bugged. I mean I love the new game modes and My Team is awesome but I hope they can patch out the bugs. As a sim racer who likes authenticity it is kinda a bummer.
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    Hello all

    I’m J.P. Here. From the US. I Live in Southern California. I am a Mechanic by trade and love cats and racing. decided to give F1 2019 a try not but a few months back and then found out 2020 was about to drop so pretty ordered that. Loving it so far aside from a few bugs that hope get worked out. I play on PC with my Logi G29 Racing Wheel and hope to get involved with some league racing and the like.
  5. Something is going on with Jeff and the strategy changes mid race. This "bug" has been the same through F2 and now into F1 career in My Team mode for me. So I am racing and it stops raining or I damage the front wing or whatever and Jeff will say "there is a new strategy available on the MFD" I hit the button and I see the option to keep the same strategy and the another option that says pit on LAP 0 (null) or something like that and it always says the same thing any time Jeff gives me a new strategy and no matter which option I choose it selects the first option and Jeff will say "copy that" and nothing changes. It burned me today racing in My Team. In Hanoi I qualied P7 and had an okay start to the race was in top 10 and it was raining and then the rain stopped. I got the heads up that there was a strategy change available (assume to switch to slicks even though Jeff also said the best strategy was to stay with the tires we had for the time being. Anyway I was not able to see what the suggested strategy change was and it did not matter as it will not let me select a different strategy. All AI Drivers pitted in for slicks and I got destroyed when everyone was passing me and I was still on inters. By the time I initiated a manual pit and got a change I was in P20 and under blue flag right out of the pits. Bottom line the strategy changes mid race are not working for me and I do not know if this is a known issue or not. Thank you.