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  1. Yep I posted about this same bug 😞 It cost me a race. I hope it is patched out.
  2. Seems odd as the interface is very much the same as in F1 2019 and it works perfectly in 2019 but is all bugged. I mean I love the new game modes and My Team is awesome but I hope they can patch out the bugs. As a sim racer who likes authenticity it is kinda a bummer.
  3. Something is going on with Jeff and the strategy changes mid race. This "bug" has been the same through F2 and now into F1 career in My Team mode for me. So I am racing and it stops raining or I damage the front wing or whatever and Jeff will say "there is a new strategy available on the MFD" I hit the button and I see the option to keep the same strategy and the another option that says pit on LAP 0 (null) or something like that and it always says the same thing any time Jeff gives me a new strategy and no matter which option I choose it selects the first option and Jeff will say "copy that"
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