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  1. Same problem here, did the quali for Britain set a time in the top 28% got an email to say as much. Went and did the race and now I have nothing.
  2. Ill give that a try for this weeks event. Thats interesting, didn't think of that.
  3. I haven't but the last time I did it was open. Ill double check it now. I checked and my NAT type is open
  4. 1. Multiple attempts to race in the weekly event causes me to be kicked out of the race 4-6 laps in. It comes up with cannot join the session, you have no multiplayer privileges, and an error code of H0403. I am fully connected to the internet as I am in a Xbox party chat with my friends and able to play other games without issue. 2. Game version 1.02 on Xbox One 3. Game-mode is the weekly Event 4. This has happened 4 times, loads race up not a problem, fully racing until between 4-6 laps in and then it kicks me out. 5. Tried restarting the game before going into the weekly event, tried restarting the Xbox as well. Router was working fine as other devices were connected to it and working as it should. 6. No video of the error as on Xbox One and O dont know how to upload a video from the recordings. I was able to take picture of the error message. 7. N/A