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  1. unfortunatly none of those helped in regards to multi car races 😞
  2. for those of us that only play these games in VR, one thing that continues to annoy me more and more, is the way vegetation and the lower LOD version of trees are handled. in flatscreen mode, this is almost a non issue, but in vr it looks HORRENDOUS! you basically have to run the game with trees on a setting no higher than high, with most of us on medium or low, and when your on that setting most trees are simple a flat, 2d sprite, which would normally be fine but... in VR, the sprite always has to be facing the camera, so the smallest movement of your head causes the billboarding effect
  3. ive spent hours and hours tweaking vr performance and finally got it looking great and never reprojecting, or at the very least barely reprojecting just for a split second once or twice during a race where headlights are used, but if theres a track that involves other cars racing at the same time, it becomes unplayable regardless of settings on a i7 6700k overclocked to 4.3ghz and a gtx 1080fe also overclocked. i even lowered steamvr resolution to 70% of its normal reccomended resolution it sets itself and it STILL happens! performance was decent when i was in practice mode, but when the other
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