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  1. I saw this on reddit and then thought “wait didn’t I see this here first?” Yes I did, congrats on the 1.2k internet points.
  2. I think it’s called “Arrow” or “Arrows” iirc. I bought it in the daily items so you’d have to wait for it to come around again I think.
  3. Lotus Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4
  4. Just got this bug for the first time in a few days. I played almost an entire season without encountering it. I thought I’d found a reliable workaround. 50% race. **** me. I don’t feel like playing anymore.
  5. I know it’s not what you’re asking, but if you want Lotus gold
  6. I’ve had it happen in plenty of races where I didn’t have a safety car, but it still hasn’t happened after disabled the safety car from ever showing up.
  7. That guy who said to disable the safety car might be onto something. Haven’t had this glitch since I disabled it.
  8. An apparently ”mandatory” soft tyre set that has been returned and cannot be used.
  9. Nah I’ve thought of that and got DQed on hards the first time I tried it.
  10. Do we have any idea what is actually causing this bug? I have a theory that the game expects you to use both of the mandatory tires over the course of the weekend and will disqualify you if if didn’t use the hards/mediums in practice or simmed the practice sessions and didn’t use both compounds in either the race or qualifying.
  11. How much have you tested this though? I’ll give it a try but seeing as the bug doesn’t happen reliably every single race it’s very hard to tell whether a potential fix is working of if the bug just didn’t happen in that race. Edit: Nope. Literally my first race attempting this potential fix I get DSQ’d.
  12. Not sure if this is the case because I can’t be bothered testing it, but I’ve noticed that I have never encountered this bug in a race where I use the Hard tires at some point. Maybe the hards are erroneously set as the only mandatory tyre for the player? Idk it could just be coincidence.
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