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  1. I'm really glad you Guys have the same problem. Not for you of course bit to see this is a problem in the game itselves. On the internet i see this very often as well so hope Codemasters will come with a patch very soon to fix this kind of things.
  2. Everytime i set a new fastest lap the game crashes and directly sent me to x-box home screen. Haven't played the rest of the game yet but it isn't promosing... I see it's a common issue reading the topics on this forum. Please bring any update tot fix this kind of thing @codemaster
  3. The have also contacted the family and they agreed to the idea
  4. Exactly the same problem as @chrishoult. But uses controller.
  5. Djoov

    Game Crashes on Xbox One!!

    Same here. Every time i beat my previous time in time trial the game crashes. Sent directly to x-box home screen... @CODEMASTERTROEP, is this a common issue and could you fix it?
  6. The game crashes constantly after setting a fastest lap in time trial. Anyone else experiencing this issue? @codemasters, is this a common issue and van you fix it?
  7. Djoov

    F1 2020 costant crash

    My game crashes contantly after setting a fastest lap at time trial (x-box). Anyone else halving this issue? Pretty anoying though. @codemasters, is this a common thing. Can you fix this?