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  1. Reth316

    Stadia F1 Discord League

    F1 2020 DISCORD LGE We have 10 people in so far looking for more...
  2. On stadia. Always blank. Can never see times at all. Has been this was for weeks.
  3. Reth316

    1.07 patch - is this legit?

    Some good stuff, can't believe they still haven't fixed the time trial leaderboards tho it's been weeks now.
  4. I have this issue still with leaderboards never loading. Internet service provider is Virgin media. Any update on a fix yet?
  5. Reth316

    Stadia F1 Discord League

    Next race tomorrow evening UK time we are looking for more racers
  6. Reth316

    Stadia F1 Discord League

    Come on Stadia racers, where you at...
  7. Reth316


    Fingers crossed for ya
  8. Reth316

    Stadia F1 Discord League

    Hey F1 gang!! Looking to get more Stadia users together online. If interested please join the league in game and discord server below... F1 DISCORD LEAGUE https://discord.gg/R8mQPh9 3 races per week, Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays at 7:30pm UK time. One shot qualifying. 25% races. Formation lap on. Manual start on. Collisions on. Damage reduced. Ghosting off. Rules and flags yes. Corner cutting regular. Braking assist Low. Traction control Medium. Racing line corners only. Gearbox automatic. Pit, ers assists etc all off. AI on, difficulty set at 55. Game settings and races can be flexible, using the discord chat to communicate and work things out as we go! I'm happy to take suggestions and make changes. Racing will be fun friendly but also competitive. Hope to see you on the track and chat to some of you on Discord.
  9. Reth316


    G Racing. Halfway through season 1. Struggling bad at Monaco lol.
  10. Reth316


    Yeah I have it, was part of podium pass if I recall correctly. Lovely livery.
  11. 1. A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. Time trial leaderboards don't load any results, trying from car select screen and when at circuit. On leaderboard screen all you see is 0 players. It used to work previously. 2. Platform. Google Stadia. 3. What version of the game are you using? 1.06 4. Game mode? Time trial. 5. What are you replication numbers? Minimum test attempts are 4. Since the 1.06 update it never loads any times. With 1.04 and 1.05 is was buggy but occasionally would load the times. I have tried to load them up over 10 times a day for the few days. Trying at every circuit and with every car. 6. What troubleshooting have you attempted? I have exited game and re opened numerous times. Have also tried it from Chromecast ultra on my TV, my phone and my surface pro laptop. Same result everytime. 7. What peripherals are you using? Stadia controller. 8. Any screenshot of the issue? Attached.
  12. Reth316

    1.06 out on PC (black Merc)

    Anyone know when this should hit for Stadia?
  13. Reth316


    Reth Racing. Updated and really prefer this look.
  14. Reth316

    What makes you like a circuit?

    Canada for me. Have always loved it. Not sure why, it just flows for me and is fairly short.