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  1. ltheONEl

    My Team crashing Xbox one X

    I looked into changing helmet and glove but I could not tell which was the Basic Gear. I change the items anyway to the first in the lists. Did not work for me. Currently I am stuck trying to load Netherlands 10 attempts crashes every time. Giving up now, hopefully they will fix it for next update an I will try again.
  2. ltheONEl

    Give us Co-Op for my team.

    My friend and I would like to be first and second driver on the same team. Seems so obvious people would like to do this. It was the first thing we commented on when playing the game career first time!
  3. ltheONEl

    My Team crashing Xbox one X

    I am getting the same on XBOX one X, I get a race done then on the next track the game crashes to XBOX home restart game rinse and repeat. My friend has the same issue on XBOX One.