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  1. Kernow_Rovver

    <PS4 > SUN @ 2030GMT (UK)

    Done mate. Put register as a second driver but I'm cool with doing either to be honest, just ain't got no connections on F1 2020 so would have to find someone to team up with! Could the team I use for the MyTeam mode be used for this potentially?
  2. Kernow_Rovver

    <PS4 > SUN @ 2030GMT (UK)

    Yo, been trying to add you as I'm interested in joining the league, but keep getting this on Discord? I'm a newbie to the app so not sure if I'm doing something wrong?!
  3. Kernow_Rovver

    DSQ from Tyre Change Master Thread

    I will try next time, but to be honest it's not filling me with hope reading other replies & it's not motivating me to play thinking it might all be in vain. Decided on maximum realism with F1 2020, all assists off, starting with AI at 90 & was intending to up the AI & race distance after getting settled in, but this has put me off spending 1-2 hours on a race completely! Fingers crossed a fix is sorted quickly! 🤞🏻
  4. Kernow_Rovver

    DSQ from Tyre Change Master Thread

    Just had this happen towards the end of my first race on My Team mode, PS4, 50% race. Started on medium to hard strategy, mediums were lasting well so decided to stay out longer. Pitted on lap 20/29 & changed to softs. Thought it was strange team said I'd need one more stop on way out of pits. Ignored the request to box on lap 26, next lap they informed me I hadn't used the mandatory 2 dry weather compounds. Crashed whilst distracted by it & rage quit 😂 Gutted as I'd had hell of a race up to that point!