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  1. There was originally 17 players in this event session, one person who must have been chosen as the host has practically destroyed this lobby, peoples time now we have to wait another 45 mins to an hour for another one, shouldn't it choose someone with a better connection to be the host of these lobbies me and many other's have done practice, qualifying and one terribly selected host can waste that effort not the best idea codies had of running server's.
  2. RMC44

    Has driver career the same driver market like MyTeam?

    That's one of the reasons I simmed "mainly for the season challenge as I'm 3 challenges away from the hidden livery" but I'll test it later again since I won't properly do driver career until the new liveries are added and I'll let you know the result, hoping driver retirements don't mean you completely lose them since I like all drivers except max & stroll "I don't like/dislike them just moderate on them" hoping drivers can return if not it should be an added change
  3. Careers: I simmed a 10 race driver season so I could complete the challenge (3 successful contract signings quickly cheeky I know!) To compensate I do my team on 100% 80% full simulation, Anyway I noticed straight away at the end of season 3 drivers were suddenly retired, I know there's a drivers market and stuff but driver retirements shouldn't be at the end of the first season we should have the option to toggle retirement (high "will retire" medium "50/50" low "less likely to retire" or off completely meaning they can be out a season but return) it won't feel like a Formula 1 game when we reach season 2/3 when half the grid could possibly be Formula 2 drivers (i love Formula 1/2/3 but its an F1 game if we could get the choice of how retirements work that would be brilliant eitherway loving the game! 🙂 My Team: [1] sponsor logos can only be 1 colour "I mainly use black/white" everything else feels too in your face but to break the colours up/make it nest/nicer being aloud the choice to add an outline to sponsors if it's possible? [2] Allow us to have our team name on the car (even if its just one specific font) so people don't get too creative with the side of the car lol [3] seen somebody mention it already but being aloud the option to have your national flag on the car would make certain liveries stand out Hopefully that's things that can be added can't speak for everyone but I'm sure alot of players would want the last 3 things I mentioned added 🙂
  4. RMC44

    Please fix the textures and graphics in My Team

    I'm sure they did confirm it will be fixed a team member would need to confirm
  5. RMC44

    Has driver career the same driver market like MyTeam?

    Vettel, Raikkonen, Bottas I like almost every F1 driver so eitherway for season one into two it's quite sad to see that by season 3 maybe it'll be mostly F2 drivers that will take the feel away from an f1 game sadly
  6. RMC44

    Has driver career the same driver market like MyTeam?

    Driver career mate I should have said that originally, on my team I'm only on Race 13 (doing 100% races so takes longer) doing a quick driver career mainly so I can get the hidden skin so was quite gutted when I seen some amazing drivers retire like it was a fixed thing
  7. RMC44

    Has driver career the same driver market like MyTeam?

    briefly simmed a full season (for a challenge lol) noticed straight away 3 drivers retired at the end if the season so basically way season 2/3 it'll be half F1 half F2 drivers basically an F2 game with F1 cars at that point pretty let down when I noticed drivers retire so soon.
  8. RMC44

    Please fix the textures and graphics in My Team

    same on ps/pc mate especially cut scenes if ot shows the Redbull all you see is the matte blue with a massive yellow blur kinda ruins the feel
  9. RMC44

    Low Tracion Control Setting

    Honestly don't know why high/medium/low weren't decided options for traction, my kids have a full F1 simulator set up (rip bank balance) and little old me has a controller lol! My settings are full simulation, all ui possible is turned off, assists off, rewind etc off, having traction off on certain tracks one turn will literally kill you if you get too greedy with the throttle, after a few hours I got used to it, now like 11 days later I'm fully used to it, but it should be an option for players that aren't as experienced in F1 games or just players in general that want to try without assists
  10. RMC44

    Ideas for F1 2021 on next gen

    Would love a personal sponsor even if its just the team name and a font it would make a difference, and for standard sponsors having an outline "in a different colour" on the sponsor logos would make a massive difference, some stuff you said they could still do with 2020 but I'm sure their currently still working from home.
  11. RMC44

    Blue Flag Strictness?

    Sounds like a brilliant idea especially for simulation players got stuck behind bith Williams cars earlier 1 got a penalty the other didn't, so it would be good if we could make blue flags stricter
  12. RMC44

    Some improvements

    Think the difference between 2019 and 2020 games are that in this one Ai make alot more mistakes so if you know Singapore well and make no mistakes you could possibly win it depends on strategy, ai are definitely faster in this game I'd suggest putting your difficulty up abit more "not sure what the max difficulty numbers are" the next update might change that we never know! 🙂
  13. Hi, I've tried contacting code master through Twitter, Facebook, Email etc since last Tuesday... Every 5 seconds in solo/multiplayer/home screen i am being spammed with a message at the top left (communicating with online services) its the most distracting thing ever, I play everything on simulation, 100% races so when that pops up its the most distracting thing ever which usually leads to me making errors causing me the race. My Internet settings are perfect, nat type etc are all good no issues there, is there a way to hide the services messages they shouldn't be showing up unless I'm on the multiplayer page/podium pass page, no need for them to show in solo surely? Attached a screenshot to show the specific message I'm spammed with