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  1. A detailed description of the issue I have a custom mapping on the controller: R1 = ERS up R2 = ERS down Arrow up = Radio/Vocal control Arrow down = Next Cam Arrow right = Fuel up Arrow left = Fuel down R1 and R2 work perfectly as I want, the problem is when I want to talk to Jeff, or change my fuel mode or even change the cam, it activates the overtake mode. In a slow corner it's really unpleasant because if I don't see it, the car spins at the acceleration. Here is the link to my control scheme Report Code PJME-MGCM-VVES-DKMG
  2. Same for me, even the white smoke when the motor breaks doesn't appear in the mirrors. (and they're in really poor quality btw)
  3. Hello, I'm playing F1 2021 since launch with a dualsense controller on PC (via Steam) and with or without the adaptative trigger option on, there is no change when I brake. I tried with and without wire, with the three modes of the option, it never worked. But on AC Valhalla via Uplay PC it works fine so I don't understand. Steam recognize the controller as a dualsense as well. I hope you will find a way to fix it. Report code : PJME-MGCM-VVES-DKMG DxDiag.txt
  4. +1 Same for me, already in F1 2020 and now again in 2021, horrible
  5. Hey every one, Since I play F1 2020 I have some problems with the pit stops: - First, when I break my front wing and go back in time, my engineer still want me to stop and change the strategy, even if i reload several times - secondly, when the engeneer ask me if I want to change my strategy I have to choose between "keep the same strat" or "do nothing". There's no new strat possible
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