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  1. When doing a mid season contract renewal, Mick Schumacher showed as rated 67 on the contract renewal screen with all higher base stats, but showed as 62 on the driver page with the lower base stats. Once I resigned him, the driver page continues to say 62 rated. I've also noticed his performance has improved noticably. Even as our car went from 4th last to 2nd last on the R&D leaderboard. He has become more competitive and set his personal best qualification and race positions in Britain and Hungary. So I'm hoping this is just a UI glitch that can be fixed, and the '67' it showe
  2. I have the same issue. My understanding is activities are meant to be permanent base stats boosts. And the green stats are personnel facilities related. But the base stats aren't changing as I do activities. Some guidance on the expected behavior for driver growth would be helpful so I. I can't find anything official on how it's supposed to work anywhere.
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