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  1. On 7/15/2020 at 11:05 AM, BarryBL said:

    Hi everyone,

    Green '+' figures on the game and driver indicates a temporary boost on the drivers stats compared to natural development of the driver. We are looking at improving this system to make it clearer to people on what is temporary and a permanent upgrade to the stats.

    Thanks for the clarification, however if all green boosts are temporary and the driver only improves his stats naturally over time then it's way too slow. I'm nearly two seasons completed and none of the drivers on the grid have gone up by more than +1 or +2 overall, except for De Vries, who for some reason has gone up to a 75. My Jordan King wouldn't reach 85 rating for 15 seasons...

    It also makes the calendar events pointless as well. I could spend 2 days doing some simulator work with him, only for his race craft to go up by 3 points for one race only? He's going to be equally useless a driver with 71 race craft as he is with 68 because all the real drivers are rated 10 points higher than he is. Those boosts need to be permanent so I can level him up and make him competitive.

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  2. The appeal of My Team is taking a team from nothing to champions. It would be madness if you couldn’t take a low rated young driver and turn him into a world beater. It’s too obvious a glitch for them not to have known about though...

  3. I’ve played an entire season and my team mate has barely improved. He’s gone from 66 to 67 despite me putting in loads of stat boosting work on him. He should be well into the 70s by now.

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