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    EA and DiRT Rally - What do we think will happen?

    My concerns: Codemasters bought the rights to the full WRC franchise starting in 2023 which made it unlikely there was going to be another DiRT 2.0 Style game until then. The question then becomes will EA even proceed with WRC at all. I assumed CM's WRC would replace and absorb the DiRT Rally series and make THE definitive rally game with official cars, drivers, and the potential to have historics that included having the likes of Makkinen, McRae, Saintz etc. similar to the Prost v Senna style release. Problem is EA isn't real big on "niche" markets and we who love to Rally aren't going to be seen as a viable source of income. They've mangled Madden, given up on PGA, and let's not forget......ugh.....Anthem! I also have a feeling (and I stress it's just a feeling) that a big reason behind EA acquiring codemasters was the added benefit of a partnership with the FIA as they try to make Formula 1 more mainstream and accessible based on the upcoming changes. I think that is where their priorities will be and not making rally games. I hope I'm wrong.
  2. AnwaanJiimiz

    Stop Jeff tutorials when idle in pits

    As the title says there should be a way to stop the beginner targeted tutorials that Jeff gives you when you're pitted sitting idle in a screen. I get it for new players but for those of us who've been playing for a while I don't really need to have car set-up or MDF explained to me when sitting in the pits. I don't want to turn the feature off just stop him from Jeff-splaining beginner stuff to us.
  3. AnwaanJiimiz

    2nd Driver

    I hear ya. After I completed my first season my teammate was at 70. When I re-signed them they were back at 58 for the next season. Feel like I fully upgraded the personnel facilities for no reason. Or only to lose all its 2nd driver benefits?
  4. AnwaanJiimiz

    Female Drivers

    Tatiana Calderon is included because she is an actual person though I can't imagine she's super thrilled with how they drew her LOL