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  1. LibranRabbit

    Pacenote editor

    There is a YouTube video...
  2. LibranRabbit

    Pacenote editor

    There already is a Pace note editor. See RaceDepartment in Dirt Rally 1 mods and search for Dirty Pace Notes. Works with DR1&2 and Dirt 4.
  3. *Toyota Starlet. *BMW M3. *Volvo 240, ...yes! Volvo in Finland are like Commodores in Australia. *Datsun 1600 SS, 180B SSS & 2Ltr Stanza SSS
  4. BMW M3 & M5 many in Europe rallies. Rallies, not Rallycross. Tall forest stages, more water crossings. Higher speed rallies. BAJA. Finke Desert Australian Rally. Louder in-car sound, maybe adjustable. More lower finer FFB detail boosted.
  5. In the Steam forums, there is discussion about Toe in and Toe out being reversed and/or incorrect? Anyone shed light on this?
  6. Firstly, this Dirt Rally, not Bitumen Rally(here come the discussions!) 😏 I'd like to see more Dirt Rallies, gravel, water passes etc. Longer, straighter stages, I’m not saying straight, but stages where you can max out top gear for a while. Many real stages in many countries have them. “City/Town” Super Stages which could include driving part through a Rallycross stage as part of the Super Stage. “Live Track” of some kind. BMW's, Porsche’s, Datsun 1200, 1600 & 2000. Much better sound.
  7. LibranRabbit

    DiRT Rally 2.0, Version 1.5: Bug Reporting Thread

    *Mouse cursor stays on. *Audio for Buttkickers stays on when pausing. *Not a bug, but FFB, Buttkickers and Motion for seat base needs to stay on up to point of stopping at Marshal and only turning off when screen changes, very disconcerting when you go through Checkered Flag.
  8. LibranRabbit

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Roadbook – June 7, 2019

    Do the minor bug fixes, address the FFB and the wiper issue?
  9. Does your real car always have wipers on???
  10. LibranRabbit

    Can’t accept of decline agreement

    Success! I unplugged all my USB's like you suggested and restarted with just keyboard and mouse. I've got past User Agreement page! Question: how many peripherals can I have? Is there a limit?
  11. P.C. Steam Fanatec CSW V2 can’t get past user agreement, won’t accept, decline, scroll, tried connecting and disconnecting wheel, verified files, hit every button on keyboard, nothing, zip. Tried many times, had to use task manager to quit.