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  1. I’m just dumbfounded a company that produces car racing games wants to know how a steering wheel should feel in feedback on dirt from the community? Forget the content, bells and whistles. If you don’t have FFB correct for dirt, you don’t have anything, but a game that is made in the '80’s. Dirt Rally 1 was only good in feedback by using TemplarGFX’s mod on RaceDepartment for FFB and his 4K mod etc...I would suggest CM study AutoMobilista, rF2 and AssettoCorsa, using at the least, Fanatec V2 for the sort of fine detailed, low feedback that is available, that everyone is looking for. Provide that and with all of the content, bells and whistles and not only will you stop all the complaints, but will get the accolades CM have been looking for. Everyone wins.

  2. 16 hours ago, RallyLover19 said:

    Someone who already used it should share a new pacenote file for a DR 2.0 stage
    I don't understand how to use it, just would be awesome to share witheach other better pacenotes

    There is a YouTube video...


  3. Firstly, this Dirt Rally, not Bitumen Rally(here come the discussions!) 😏 I'd like to see more Dirt Rallies, gravel, water passes etc.

    Longer, straighter stages, I’m not saying straight, but stages where you can max out top gear for a while. Many real stages in many countries have them.

    “City/Town” Super Stages which could include driving part through a Rallycross stage as part of the Super Stage.

    “Live Track” of some kind. 

    BMW's, Porsche’s, Datsun 1200, 1600 & 2000.

    Much better sound.



  4. Finally I've bound my Derek Speare Design Hydraulic HandBrake which uses the DSD 12bit ES Controller. I don't understand why you don't engage with your "customers" but, instead you foster making enemy's. Just one little reply that you will include the support for the handbrake is all I and many others were waiting for.
    CodeMasters need a much better PR Team as the current are letting the company and worse still, their customers down. I'm sure I'm not the only one.
    I love your games/sims, but in this day and age of media, step up your "game".

  5. This really is bad, I have DSD HandBrake that I can't get to work, but GT Pro Pedals, CSW2, Motion Seat V2, SimVibe works. Why should we have to do all these work arounds? Dirt Rally works fine with this setup, as well as all my other racing titles.
    CODIES need to fix, add or whatever as for the money paid for this "game" was not a cheap "game"and we are having not only these issues but all the rest which really are too many to list.
    Has the money run out? less time and or Dev's to work on this? Everyone really would like to know, because all these issues seem a lot more than the usual in a new title? Don't get me wrong, I'm not angry, just a bit disappointed and losing faith...