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  1. Ability to switch off pace note audio and a PDF download link of all pace notes, so a second person (navigator) can read the notes to the driver. Seperate Rally trip meter showing meters traveled, ability to zero trip meter and start button for Navigator to work from.
  2. LibranRabbit

    Pacenote editor

    There is a YouTube video...
  3. LibranRabbit

    Pacenote editor

    There already is a Pace note editor. See RaceDepartment in Dirt Rally 1 mods and search for Dirty Pace Notes. Works with DR1&2 and Dirt 4.
  4. *Toyota Starlet. *BMW M3. *Volvo 240, ...yes! Volvo in Finland are like Commodores in Australia. *Datsun 1600 SS, 180B SSS & 2Ltr Stanza SSS
  5. BMW M3 & M5 many in Europe rallies. Rallies, not Rallycross. Tall forest stages, more water crossings. Higher speed rallies. BAJA. Finke Desert Australian Rally. Louder in-car sound, maybe adjustable. More lower finer FFB detail boosted.