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  1. Yeah, a couple of tools to help here. If we take a photo of the colour scheme from google such as And then we can use https://html-color-codes.info/colors-from-image/ to get the HEX code for the blue, in this case #ADE4F8 Entering that into https://formula1color.com/ which was made for 2020 but works the same for the new game we get: Hope that helps, been huge for me in getting the right colours I'm looking for pretty quickly and accurately.
  2. Do you ever give up position to the aI? Just curious.
  3. KNT2011

    Opmeer Vid

    Indeed, there seems to be an expectation among regular players that they should be able to turn off something like ABS and immediately go faster and if not then 'assists are overpowered', when in reality it takes mastering (or at least hitting a serviceable level) of the technique to get that advantage.
  4. Be nice if they would inform the rest of us lol. You know, the vast majority of the playerbase.
  5. I've not noticed this personally though I do tend to avoid Circuit de Right Angles as much as possible
  6. Not saying I can take 2020 lines again and hammer the kerbs without consequence but just clipping them seems to cause less instability than previously. Might be just me, I did have a break from the game but it doesn't feel as in a rush to spin you round anymore. anyone else shared this or I've just been lucky? Turns 6 & 7 at Bahrain, kerbs were a rollercoaster on launch, seems like we can use them again, for example.
  7. Been no change on PS at least to the online mess. Removed from a 13 car lobby after a race, put into a lobby on my own, for a split second before the game put me into a 'new' lobby with 4 other players who were on lap 1 of their race. That's just my first attempt back since 1.10, I'm doubting it's an exception. Laughable.
  8. While Codemasters are not being lazy and sending these mails out, how about to Indycar?! I sure do miss Indycar 05, lets get those cars in the game! They're close enough to F1 right? And I'm sure they'd love some free worldwide advertising as well. Why stop at tracks?!
  9. Single player event at Monza. A week late. They can **** off.
  10. Solid track, looks as high quality as I expect from Codemasters. Agree with the above, a lap or two in and you can start attacking and finding areas where you can gain time, there's not anything major to worry about, little snappy hitting the throttle out of a couple of corners but this is with basic setup as well. Reference points initially tricky as there's not much going on around the track to pick out for braking but it once it starts coming together it has a natural flow to it, you can feel the Moto GP rhythm of it, and a final sector I'd love to see lifted wholesale into Catalunya
  11. Looking forward to the track, however first impressions man, deleted the patch notes mail but the icon still won't go away, a glitch been in since launch. New Podium Pass Series it says on the home page, if I tap it nothing happens and the Podium Pass section says it's a day away. I know they're just small things in the end but christ they have piled up this year.
  12. It is certainly interesting how life imitates art
  13. Their Monza race turned into a bit of a mess with glitches in the game, players syncing out and not being able to connect, cars going backwards in the pitlane, cars appearing in the middle of the track at random, cars looking like they're uh.. mounting.. other cars. If I recall what I was reading they ended up just cancelling the race. Apparently 5000 viewers on the stream so, not a good look for the game.
  14. I'm not sure how the OP's post has led to this diatribe against online players? First of all many casual players play online, there's not a wall there between casual and online. Online player doesn't automatically mean eSports wannabe. I would wager more people would play online if the experience was better designed, more reliable and had more effort put into it. In the end all players just want the game to be better and yes people want the modes they play to be improved first, this is perfectly natural. It's funny and I would guess a generational thing that this forum,
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