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  1. Are you sure they're human, I'm not convinced
  2. KNT2011

    Classic cars in F1 2021

    An F1 game or DLC featuring a full classic season with e full grid, track designs and throwback presentation and commentary would be amazing like. think it would do pretty well with players too. I loved the Le Mans DLC for PC2 and putting together a full Le Mans with all the old cars and series, with the old track as it was in the 60's, a real blast for those of us who never got to see that era as it happened. Biggest shame is we lost Murray before they could make it happen.
  3. KNT2011

    Podium Pass

    Even if that was your thing you'll likely be disappointed in what's on offer. The clothing and podium options are so limited that you see the same ones over and over and it doesn't allow the player to show any personality, however silly. Is there anyone playing now that doesn't just hit x at the podium screen. I can't imagine there's many players, even ones who enjoyed it, who care that race winner picked podium dance 3 and suit 4, lol. If they introduced a celebration editor, lol, like in FIFA or PRO EVO, then at least it could be unique to the player
  4. KNT2011

    Developing f1 game in corona times

    From what I'm told about Football Manager, while they weren't able to introduce any headline new features, the focus they instead put on refining what they have already has produced what I hear is the best version of the game in many years, possibly ever. It will be interesting to see if CM takes a similiar approach however they have the added complication of next gen expectations which FM did not have to deal with.
  5. KNT2011

    I want a new graphics engine for the next f1 games

    It's things like the tifosi at Monza, the red flare smoke, the walls of Ferrari flags, the celebration that is Silverstone as crowds flood the track. the actual hussle and bussle of doing media, so much of these things could be in the game but it's still basically a nicer looking version of what we've seen so many times before. Look at the grid walk in real life vs in game (pre covid like haha) and tell me the game even tries. Why not plant in some celebs for the intro to Monaco, okay they might get old quick but at least its an attempt to recreate the atmosphere. F1 is more than what happens on track.
  6. KNT2011

    I want a new graphics engine for the next f1 games

    My immediate reaction to 2020 was that it wasn't as good graphically as 2019 and I took some screens at the time to compare. there' a lot more colour saturation in 2020 and it makes the grass / rumble strips etc. look highly unrealistic at several tracks, most noticeably Hungary. Spa and Austria also look worse, there's far less detail on surrounding foliage and the lighting is less impressive. There are sections of trees and surrounding areas completely removed from Canada and Monza that don't appear to have been done to reflect any real life changes. Interlagos has always looks awful lol, I digress, my own personal complaint. You're probably right about balance, handling is better in 2020, though it's not by much, and I notice textures take a lot of time to come in even in menus, but especially in cut scenes. I was also disappointed that commentary was removed from practice and qualifying, for whatever difference it made, it did always help. There's things to like in 2020 but there's also the above + bugs they don't appear keen to fix etc. so I'd say they peaked on 2019 in this gen.
  7. KNT2011

    AI crazy laptime

    I did a quick test just using grand prix from the main menu and simming the qualifying: 65% Pole - 1:30.738 10th - 1:32.312 75% Pole - 1:29.417 10th - 1:30.988 80% Pole - 1:28.937 10th - 1:30.549 90% Pole - 1:27.603 10th - 1:29.177 100% Pole - 1:26.518 10th - 1:28.133 So yeah it definitely has to do with the upgrades and how balanced the game is in this respect, rather than the balance of the AI / tracks themselves without any additional buffs.
  8. KNT2011

    Do Career Mode Facilities Ever Progress?

    That's a real shame as this was absolutely a possibility with some patience and perseverence in 2019
  9. KNT2011

    F1 2021 game

    OP could have had a quick scroll and read one of the many threads answering their question, so I had a bit of fun with it. Sorry to anyone who took it seriously. Pit Coins and hideous suits to return in 2021 woohoo
  10. KNT2011

    F1 2021 game

    It's been cancelled mate, we'll get a livery update for 2020 and then 2022 will be next gen.
  11. Let me turn this off permanently codemasters, it's a beautiful thing.
  12. KNT2011


    This has ben a reliable gold for me, though it's not easy to do in the game generally, never really looks great. I tend to use Schumacher Keep Fighting helmet as it's the most realistic looking and detailed for a custom driver IMO The selection in game is laughable next to something like Gran Turismo's editor. or MOTO GP.
  13. There's no snooze response to pick from
  14. I read separately this was done on Assetto Corsa
  15. Looks meh, another one of these. Will still be voted for on Online more than the amazing Suzuka circuit lol