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  1. A friend of mine retires after a DRS failure to even the numbers for the season, hopefully something self imposed like that won't be needed with the new options but it remains to be seen how it's implemented. I recall learning that if you set damage to simulation, it's only you on simulation, the AI is just on full, again, things like this are irritating.
  2. with the new single player replay hud I'll be watching my offline races back more so it's going to be interesting to look out for these kinds of things. I'm playing MotoGP on and off still (terrible rider so online isn't much fun right now haha) and I note they're probably going to far the other way, riders going flying very often! But this is championed part of their AI so there is something there, like to see some middle ground.
  3. I doubt this took anywhere near the bulk of the budget or dev time, it's an odd thing to pick out to complain out. Anyone who is a regular multiplayer user, and there are many, should be optimistic about this addition as, depending how it's done, it could aleviate some of the massive frustration caused by yup, rammers and cheaters. Totally fine if you don't think the game is worth the price on the features offered, but this is an odd one to pick on IMO, and again depending how it's done could be very popular. I doubt classic cars were removed specifically to accomodate this mode.
  4. You mean you don't play FIFA in first person view? Filthy casual!
  5. It would be useful for everyone who posts here to reflect on this from to time, self included. Most people are just playing and enjoying the game.
  6. What feedback did you want, mate? We're all in the dark.
  7. Yeah I'm kinda going with the above being right, a Codies employee has meant to say oh no it's a normal season once you start but has said career instead and caused some confusion. Otherwise it just doesn't make sense in the game as it's designed. Happy to be wrong though, the chance to do a career with a licensed driver would be a big plus for players.
  8. So initially on announcement of the Real Season Start feature I'd been under the impression this is an alternative championship mode, allowing you to jump in as your chosen driver and finish the season off with the points totals set from whatever race it is you choose. However something from a Youtube video has thrown me off, Alex Gillon's 29 Questions, where he states that Codemasters have confirmed this is actually a full career mode from the moment you join the season. That seems at odds with how everything else is set up, is this true? For example, I could pick Verstappen and t
  9. You've read it as an argument there, it really wasn't. Just frustration as an outsider as it ends up taking away some immersion from the player in the end, small an issue as it may be.
  10. It is very strange. You have blank spaces meant for advertising, yet 'licensing' means no one gets it, not even the companies who are already in the game, and it's not even covered with F1 2020 or whatever. I appreciate licensing is complicated in all areas but with F1 it just seems counter productive almost at every turn. It's so limited and restricted, this actual ad space that companies would surely want.. barely anyone wins.
  11. If it was an all out remodelling and updating of the tracks they could do it as a new feature if they wanted, I'd buy into that. Honestly, away from correcting turns and specific issues, a lot of them just need a refresh. Interlagos hasn't been touched in years, it's bland and too brightly coloured and doesn't carry the imposing geography of it's real life pit climb and straight, even if it's matched correctly, it's not done artistically in a way that sells it. .Always feels like a let down and the track surface itself lacks the detailing of newer tracks. Suzuka is missing ad hoard
  12. More of a hotfix than working on the game, 1.18 caused frequent crashes on PS4, as much as it took them ages to get a fix out, it would have been pretty cruddy of CM to ignore it.
  13. The wall clip is from the Braking Pint section so I imagine it's a cut scene. People have said they've noticed more AI movement in the Youtuber's race video's but it hasn't looked any different to me tbh.
  14. One of my fave features of 2020 was giving us the option to cut the season down in career, so we could bring races in and out of the calendar each season.Frankly, 20+ races for me per season is just too much anyway so that was welcome. I always have a full season championship running so I can enjoy in that mode, but in career I' was happy to see shorter calendars which gave the ability to customise year on year. Hopefully that's built on in 2021 with some additional features as I'm sure it was well received by the playerbase.
  15. I love the idea of holding tracks over absolutely, when possible I suppose license wise. Can we have Hockeheim back! It's only just left as well really.
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