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    Practice programs time/level issues

    While I do think some of the targets need tweaking, again I don't believe the goal is to be getting max R&D points straight away in My Team. Dropping the difficulty for the sessions and then raising it for the race is not the intended behaviour, Id' be surprised if it was. Of course players are free to do whatever for their enjoyment, but genuinely thinking this is causing people to have too much of a performance jump and be challenging at the top too quickly, and then I see complaints about the mode being too easy and people losing interest... If you see your initial 2nd driver, who can be boosted to be in the 90+ range stats wise over time! They do not complete the programs, especially not at the start...
  2. KNT2011

    Slow Driver Market

    Quite an interesting take, I think overall the moves, if you ca apply a bit of imagination to your fictional F1 world, are generally pretty good and logical. I think even stuff I've seen like Leclerc moving back down the grid to a smaller team, if you use some imagination about the possible outcomes of the chaos at Ferrari, it's not all that out of the realm of possibility. Intrigued in what you're saying above though, get directly involved? Do you mean in how you're interacting with certain drivers on race days yourself, as in back off them or attack them in race to see the consequences for them after? Otherwise I'm not sure what you mean by intervening.
  3. KNT2011

    Monaco Hairpin

    Flashbacks are a genius addition not just to F1 games but racing games in general. My life isn't set up for me to the very best couch racer of all time, in fact it actively works against it, whether it be phone calls, door bells, the little one legging it through the front room with wet feet dripping everywhere. F1 drivers don't have to deal with that as everything around them is set up for them to excel in the car in that moment, my life.. not so much. Flashbacks are priceless.
  4. KNT2011

    newbie ? about driver career mode

    Did you select enable PRO mode at the start? I've never done it but that sounds like what it does haha.
  5. KNT2011

    Can't renew contract in DRIVER CAREER MODE

    As far as I understand this is by design, you're no longer able to change teams in career if transfers are off. @BarryBL can you confirm that as a design choice?
  6. KNT2011

    Monaco Hairpin

    I"ve managed to get myself stuck and had to reverse back out I can't remember the last time... As those virtual eyes staring at me, mocking me, the shame.
  7. KNT2011

    Monaco Hairpin

    Since reading this thread I have now messed up this hairpin several times, something I have not had a problem with in 10+ years of F1 gaming. I have been in the braking zone thinking about this thread, ovethinking my choice of angle, braking speed, exit speed, nearly every time. I demand some sort of compensation!
  8. KNT2011

    Teammates in my team mode

    If you're talking about the start, it's just a random handful of F2 drivers, if you want a specific one you'll either have to get them later in the mode, or restart and 'roll the dice' again.
  9. KNT2011

    Classic car setups

    People post their setups online, especially on youtube. A quick google for 'F1 2020 mclaren MP4 setup' brought up a good chunk of results. Might save you a bunch of time scrolling through leaderboards.
  10. I don't mean to race on, which has the best overtaking, where you've had your closest battles, but instead which tracks you'll throw on just to blast a few laps. The tracks you get into your rhythm on and driving it just becomes a pleasure. Try and base it on what's on F1 2020 but honourable mentions are welcome. For me, Australia, Monaco, Catalunya, Canada, Spa, Suzuka. Some I enjoy but others don't seem to: Bahrain, France, Hungary, Russia Honourable mention to Le Mans full circuit that I must have been round for countless hours at this point and still enjoy taking a car out for a few laps. Once of those I know so well but is just satisfying to take all the corners perfectly and blast down the mulsanne.
  11. KNT2011

    Safety car and race strategy

    I think we need Safety Car Driver Simulator from Codies
  12. KNT2011

    What are your favorite driving tracks?

    I've always felt like Austria, similar to Monza, is so simple a track that my eyes glaze over if I'm just driving it. They both can be great to race (if you have the AI right) but just to drive it's not challenging enough. You might say the same for Canada but I feel like there's enough inches from the wall on exit moments for it to be a real rush when you get a solid lap done.
  13. KNT2011

    Item shop is a huge disappointment

    Nice job with these, I see you've used the only badge with a nice clean look to it too.. at least IMO. It's odd as I think the sponsor badges and designs are actually very good. There's a ton of sponsors in F1 I have no idea who or what it is, and these fit nicely in with those and look realistic. But the badges.. very limited, and the same with the liveries for the most part.
  14. KNT2011

    Improve Pit times

    They had this on F1 06. Different buttons for each tire and then release etc. If you forgot you turned it on it could really knack you up
  15. KNT2011

    Spectator's HUD for replays

    Just to point out, booted up Grid 2019 It has timings, positions and track positions with a full map on its replays.. Grid!
  16. KNT2011

    1.07 patch - is this legit?

    I am a Williams fan. For many years. I have supported them, followed them, wished for all the good things in the world, they are my team in F1. And so it's with no flippancy that I say that it is not the same, my friend. The level of influence, financial backing, and global branding, are not even remotely comparable. So no I don't see Williams being able to apply pressure to have their standing in the official video game bumped up, something Ferrari may very well be able to do should they wish, should they see it as part of their brand identity. We will see as it unfolds! Once the game is up to standard I'll be looking to take Williams to the top in career, probably the best they can hope for at present
  17. KNT2011

    1.07 patch - is this legit?

    We must take into account when reading peoples arguments that there is, and has been for a long time, a strong anti-Ferrari contingent among F1 fans. For a number of reasons better belonging to a different conversation, but when I read some arguments on here, you can see the red mist has descended and this wonderful opportunity to kick Ferrari down to a midfield team is one they can't let pass. There is also the other side, and that is Ferrari's strong political influence within the sport. Are CM really going to move arguably the biggest and most famous team in motorsport down to around or below Racing Point? Racing who? And not have them with the big teams challenging as the brand and stature well demands? It's an interesting question, and I'm curious what CM will do and what pressures may be on them and the risks of damaging the relationships they have no doubt built with F1 management and the teams. F1 is a very sensitive world after all. There's also the gaming side of it, people are so desperate for a patch that will see less competition for race wins? Sure, it might end up being realistic, but if you're not picking Hamilton or Bottas, what are you racing to achieve?
  18. KNT2011

    Change of Engine

    It's a Cosworth. Doesn't matter what you pick. It's a Cosworth. Pick a Ferrari? It's a Cosworth. Renault? Cosworth. Change at the end of the season? Still a Cosworth. It's not a bug, intended behaviour.
  19. KNT2011

    Item shop is a huge disappointment

    I think you're misunderstanding a bit here mate. The intention is for as many people as possible to pay real money for the season pass. This is the business model, the point in what they're saying about saving coins to pay for it is that it CAN be done, so they are able to say everything available in game can be unlocked by playing the game, so it's not a predatory microtransaction policy. There's nothing much here that's different from what other companies are currently doing, I don't have a huge issue with it personally. But it means while Barry may give advise here, they are of course not going to promote the saving of pitcoins in game when obviously you can buy the currency with real cash on the store, which is the preferred method through which CM would like you to obtain them.
  20. KNT2011

    Ghosting in Career Mode

    This has only happened to me once and it seems on checking the replay that the AI car was not carrying enough speed to run into me, had basically stopped, and there was no other way for it to go around me. It could either ram me out of the way at that point or go into R and turn around and find some other way round, so at least in that case it seemed to an emergency scenario for the AI lol and so it ghosted through me. I don't know if this is similar to your experience? Cos I've crashed and smashed and got myself stuck many times but only ever seen this once.
  21. If there's one thing I miss from when the games had race commentary (ah, those were the days) it's having the track positions read out to me while driving, finding out who's leading if I'm not near the front, and various other interesting factoids about the race so far. I know I can get a race update from Jeff, but it's just my position, front, behind, and pit stops. I've played around with it but haven't found any way to ask Jeff, who's winning? for example. I know he'll say it every so often, but am I missing something obvious? Or do I need to go out to the pause menu to check the current positions?
  22. KNT2011

    Save Replay

    Unless I'm missing something startlingly obvious you can only save the highlight package not the full race replay, in either online or offline. I've never seen this option available in any of the CM F1 games. And to be fair, the only game I've seen this available is GT Sport.
  23. KNT2011

    Save Replay

    They're likely recording it themselves using other software, it can't be done in game. Only the highlights packages, and only 5 can be saved in total.
  24. KNT2011

    Item shop is a huge disappointment

    It likely not come down to what Codemasters want but simply what they're contracted to provide under license. This has been a frequent topic on yearly sports titles, oh, often recently but it goes back a long long way, frankly it's all bottom line, will the same amount of people buy a DLC for their current game for what are roster updates than will buy a brand new bells and whistles game with new features, no matter how rushed? And remembering of course a DLC couldn't be full price as a full title to begin with and you have a capitalism problem unfortunately. I don't see it happening, but it may come down to one of these titles taking the plunge one year and it being a success to set a new trend, but it would need to be agreed with the property they're licensing so it still feels to me, we will continue to get yearly updates for a considerable time going forward.