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    What camera do you use?

    Would be interested to know which camera angle everybody is using, and why have you chosen that, what are the positive and negatives for you? If you're in cockpit cam, do you have the halo turned off or go pure simulation? For me I'll go TV POD, have done since oh, F1 2005 or something, with a couple of minor adjustments (FOV 0.80, Offset Horizontal -0.20) just to give a clearer view of the road. Cockpit, and I find the same with in-car cameras in most racing games, except rally for some reason, make it really difficult for me to attack a corner properly, making me hesitant and not feeling in control. So in a GT Sport or NASCAR Heat I'll still keep it 'hood' cam so I can see my corner entries better. Be interesting to hear yours, anyone using chase?!
  2. KNT2011

    AI Damage Setting, Can We Clarify?

    So for a long time I've played on Simulation damage as I like damage in any racing game to be as realistic as possible, but recently on this forum someone was mentioning how the AI in F1 games isn't on Simulation damage, they're on full, and this has put a real worm in my mind lol, about this. I have noticed on occasion, as I'm sure many have, that the AI will take a hit but not seemingly suffer the same damage the player might, but I always assumed this was either luck or the angle of impact etc. but now I'm thinking this is perhaps because of the above? Are we able to clarify this at all? Because I don't want to be running a different damage simulation to the AI, especially if it's not going to affect AI crashes, mistakes, safety car deployment etc. IF it's just me on Sim, and AI on full, then I'll go down to full as otherwise it's just unfair on myself.
  3. KNT2011

    [PC] Safety Rating S ranked Lobbies

    It doesn't feel like, even on console, that there's a large playerbase online at any one time, regardless of rating. 25% is basically a bust unless you want to stay in the same group for a lot of races and slowly add 1 or 2 more each time. 5 laps is better but, there are definitely times when it's 5-7 players in a lobby, same in the next lobby, and on. I didn't play online at all in 2019 so I don't know what the expectations are supposed to be, but it sure feels empty a lot.
  4. KNT2011

    This game is a joke. Anything to say code"masters"?

    Been some poor releases this year, and since I"m not intending to jump to next gen till next year once everything is out and launched and the initial rush is finished, I'm pinning a lot on this game to give me some awesome final experiences on PS4 over Christmas. The delays have been disappointing, I've tried hard to not spoil it with previews and beta build streams, hope to go into i fresh, what I have seen looks incredible!
  5. KNT2011

    I am frustrated I cant tell (lap times, manual gearing)

    Just quickly, the main benefit to manual over automatic is faster acceleration speeds out of corners which can make a massive difference especially heading onto long straights. That's where, primarily, you should be gaining time against your old lap times, are you waiting to right at the end of the rev and lights go red to go up a gear?
  6. KNT2011

    THIS IS WRONG IN THE GAME! (no bugs)

    The vast majority of a games players are offline, unless we're talking about a Fortnite or GT Sport, most players spend their time in offline modes. Yet you'd think the way online players talk, they actually jump in a real car when they log on, such is the dismissal of all other players. Having played both, there is nothing serious about your typical online lobby, most can barely keep it on track for a straight.
  7. KNT2011


    Disagree, and I usually wouldn't, lord knows the history of fake sponsors in video games is littered with ugly. The locations could use work still, but the sponsor designs are pretty damn good, have slight changes based on location, there's plenty of them, and overall they're very well thought out. It's always going to be difficult because many of the main sponsors in the real world you know, are used to, have some sort of connection or relationship to due to the familiarity. Creating something fake will never replace that, but compared to others attempts, CM have done a good job here. IMO these sponsors fit well among the smaller real world sponsors I have no idea about, and wouldn't stand out to me in the real world in this context. If you saw RGB on a Mclaren livery would you really pay it any mind? The ability to move and resize them at will would be much appreciated and make a big difference, but the basic designs are solid.
  8. KNT2011

    Petition for future F1 Games

    I do find it increasingly perplexing this constant seeking of permission in F1 titles. Where I can go on say, MLB The Show, and select from an extensive collection of licensed bats, shoes, gloves, guards, sleeves, tapes, and on and on. F1 titles are unable to offer variants in licensed suits, gloves, helmets and things which would add some extra fun to the game, and surely some exposure for the brands that I assume they seek in other titles? Not saying that anyone's wrong above, but it is frustrating, and must be understood especially for new players, coming from other titles that shower the player in licensed gear, for whatever reason licences must be begged into F1 titles.
  9. KNT2011

    France - Paul Ricard

    Hi just popping on to say I absolutely love this track, one of my favourites on the game. Have fun!
  10. Since apparently I can't post photos on their own forum, posting here for anyone who might be interested! Running a 12 hour Le Mans in the number 64 Corvette.
  11. Since I can't post photos there and this is apparently your game now? Can you pass it along haha Graphical bug with Indycar in Cockpit and Helmet cam views PS4 PRO
  12. KNT2011

    Why the Ferrari's Weichai sponsor still present in the Game?

    Not even a please!
  13. KNT2011

    What do the color values mean?

    Yet to play with it, but I typically found the values to be inverted previously, likely why it's not matching up for you.
  14. KNT2011

    Project cars 3.

    Yeah sorry, being in the cockpit I hadn't actually noticed the visual 'damage' at the time of writing. I know I took someone out in a GT race at Monza at the second chicane and he just kept right on trucking. Also ran a few laps in Indycar at Indy and cars flying off but no one stopping was just like a kick to the heart lol. Refunded now, very disappointing experience.
  15. KNT2011


    Even a blind man could search this exact subject title and find Codies response. Performance update will come when they have collated enough data. Writing in all caps won't make it come any quicker.
  16. KNT2011

    I can’t hide my frustration anymore

    Nostalgia is a powerful thing. In my head it looked like this When it actually looked like this
  17. KNT2011

    Project cars 3.

    Worth noting here for anyone interested, in the end I just couldn't enjoy this game. Sony have given me a refund on the full cost of pre-order. I wasn't expecting that at all, so it might be worth if you're on PS4 to fire them a refund request over.
  18. KNT2011

    Learning Curve

    It's just going to be practice mate. Hungary is a very rhythmic track and has a lot of slow corner entries, allowing you plenty of time to drop down the gears during braking and accelerate out in a smooth motion. Silverstone is not this at all, as you know already, super fast entries and hard braking into several corners as well as the need to carry high speed through into a fast exit. It's very tricky in terms of managing your gears as there isn't any real rhythm to it, other than the vaguely symmetrical halves of the circuit. Only tip I'd have is you can typically get through most of its corners in a higher gear than you think or may have picked up from tracks like Hungary, so you shouldn't ever have to drop all the way down.
  19. KNT2011

    Where is the performance update?

    It's either THA WORST THING EVA or you're a shill for the company. Nuance is long gone mate.
  20. KNT2011

    Item shop is a huge disappointment

    Looks bloody horrible to me but each to their own I'm glad there's something on there people like. It's far more detailed than the usual helmets which makes a big difference.
  21. KNT2011

    PHOTO MODE - Share your pics!

    Such a nice looking car
  22. KNT2011

    Where is the performance update?

    I doubt this is actually true but if so, here here. It would be nice if EA would take note.
  23. KNT2011

    Project cars 3.

    It really is such a shame. These games are ten a penny, what PC2 offered is basically unique in console gaming. We'll see in time but it seems a remarkably poor business decision from SMS and I wonder what CM thought about it given it's now a direct competitor to Grid in an already crowded market. Ironically the game still does not feature a custom championship mode, glaringly absent form PC2, a mode which even Grid features! Very sad day for sim racing fans on home console.
  24. I've actually experienced this and pretty quickly in single driver career. I have a list of times for each track set in GP mode that I use to set my difficulty level. After development starts, I note that while my team and driver is keeping up and being competitive, AI is putting in way faster times than their GP tests would show, and my own times have not improved to a similar level even with our relatively equal development. It can be adjusted around, so it's not the end of the world, but it is definitely there as an issue.
  25. KNT2011

    Project cars 3.

    What I don't understand is the business case for this. It's basically Grid, which is basically Forza, etc. It's sure to fail?