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  1. Been glitched since 2020, I find what helps if you go into the screen with your driver customisation etc. and change something (can change it back) and then exit, it then shows up in the next race.
  2. It's good to see creators starting to speak out, for too many it's their livelihood so they have to support a game, good or bad, and that's no use to us. It's honestly quite a sad state of affairs but that's a different conversation. Game looks really bad right now.
  3. the game has likely been built for and using PS4, certainly by the looks of the trailer I'd say that's the case. A lot may need to temper their expectations with it, I don't believe it's a full next gen release.. and it shouldn't be, frankly, the audience isn't there. I do think we'll see either a version 2.0 or a new version of GT sport in 2/3 years which will be exclusive to PS5, it's a long game plan and the right move IMO even if it will annoy some in March, it'll guarantee huge numbers piling into the game and filling the online modes. when Kaz says it does everything GT Sport
  4. Was watching a career mode lets play yesterday and there's barely anything there. Even if you take out lower series, owning your own team, hiring drivers and doing paint schemes etc. which we knew would be gone.. just race after race with no feel of racing on a team, it's still the drivers name on the car whose place 'you' took! Seriously. There stats for 'stage wins' but stage racing isn't in the game. It's just full of this taped together and hope for the best design. And this is meant to be the foundation for the future of the series? Yikes.
  5. Anyway else checking this out today? Giant digital playground, very bright and slick. Loving the downhill bike racing, as usual I'm terrible at trick related combo style stuff though. It shows you all players across the map, I don't know if it's per server or just online at that time and then you load into a server? No idea how it works but there are an insane amount of players online right now. Joining events drops you right in no waiting around, no loading screens even on PS4 (except loading in and out of the map and back to the game world). Very impressed technically,
  6. Yeah after initially being excited about this and generally supportive of what the company is trying to do with racing games, cringing hard at some of the recent footage, particularly from Texas as posted above. It's not looking better than Heat to me at this stage, barely any AI movement and that spotter is straight out of a 2005 Ps2 title and is not remotely realistic. I'll need to see some lets plays before deciding on this for sure and I'm tempted just to reinstall Heat instead. Since we know career is barebones, there's no minor series and it looks like pretty weak prese
  7. I enjoyed 2010 and 2011 with their interactive paddock and how it was built into the interface. Yeah it was limited and the gameplay itself wasn't anything special but it was an attempt at immersion which I always appreciate. I didn't really game much in the years between then and when 2016 came out which I just caught the tail end of, Loved 2017. Best career mode in a CM game, cars feel great to drive still to this day. Travelling the world and seeing the scenery change in your mobile home thingy was just a nice touch, speaking to characters, your engineers etc. So much to do and see in
  8. It's okay but ugh, it's just a damn shame with all these limited options when even on console you can still open GT and just make the damn thing (not mine)
  9. Oops, I don't think either of us got the tongue in cheek there haha. Ah well I don't mind a ramble about 2K, outstanding sports title away from the microtransaction bait that they all must have these days. EA's title's are so stale and lacking character by comparison, they're really lagging behind now. but don't seem fussed, it's a shame as I have fond memories especially of old Madden's and just how much stuff they managed to fit on a disc back then.
  10. 2K20 is my main NBA game this gen and I have to say I've never seen the casino besides on people's videos talking about it, if you don't care about it you can easily avoid, not that I think it should be there but just for some general balance. All sports games to some extent will be copy and paste, it's not like everything changes year on year in real life either and 2K starts from a very strong base. It looks great, plays well and has the best presentation of any sports game that I've likely ever seen with halftime shows, on court interviews, multiple commentary teams, actual breakaway
  11. They'll obviously be quick with the patches for it cos wow, though I was winning a few which I can't say about PES online lmao. But yeah honestly, they took a year out with a roster update budget release, for this? Madness.
  12. @ScaredDuck Probably the best you'd get with this current crop of livery options
  13. Damned if they do, damned if they don't. The outrage from others if they didn't put in this livery, lol. Anyway it's a promotional tool for Red Bull, F1 and the game, I don't see how people could have a problem with it really.
  14. So you're saying F1 series is going online only with multiplayer career now confirmed.
  15. Out of interest, where did you hear / read it is supposed to be revolutionary?
  16. Fair point. Poster doesn't say what they're using. I haven't played on a pad since before the last couple of patches, but surely it's seen some improvements as well?
  17. Wheel, and if you were to say a month ago the place is a nightmare I'd 100% agree, especially the esses I felt like I was dropping to about 20 mph just to get through, lol, but the adjustment has changed it massively. You still have to be careful as with the kerbs in general though, it's not a total rewind of the changes they made, but even just judging by the lack of DNF's today it's night and day difference.
  18. Japan was like this at launch but I disagree it's still like this. I've been doing the weekly event today and hammering the kerbs with only minimum issue, ensuring that I'm not just outright hitting the throttle with a wheel on the kerb which is what will cause a spin.
  19. Well said mate, spot on on every point 👍
  20. Spa and Monza I just enjoy them so much and it shows in how strong I am around them. Gotten much better at Silverstone in the last two editions and find a lot of the same feeling in Paul Ricard. Used to be very strong in Bahrain but for reasons I haven't yet been able to figure out completely I'm getting left in the dust this year.
  21. I agree and have whined about it before haha. They may be small things but they all added to the experience. CM aren't coming out to explain this one though mate, sorry
  22. This argument just goes round in circles and in the end gets us nowhere. We have no idea what their licensing agreement is with FOM nor do we know if they have tracks licensed outside of the ones currently in game and .. nor do we know if it's anything to do with 'motivation' or a decision made by FOM as part of their agreement. None of this has been made public besides one or two squeaks here and there which tell us nothing much about the overall structure of the license. It's amazing how much has been written (myself included I used to defend Codies over this) with so little
  23. Yeah this is just to +1 on this Do a couple of laps with the line still on, notice your usual braking points, what's around? Is there a brake marker board next to you? Does a Kerb start or end? Is there an exit road or other trackside detail like a marshals box? Make a mental note of it and that's your braking point when the line goes off. You will find time, as you can then start to push the limits on those braking zones without a giant red light scaring you off. You will likely feel the track open up as well, sometimes the line isn't the right line for you or your driving st
  24. The problems are well known and acknowledged now by Codemasters. If you think you can add anything additional to it then pop your report into this thread mate
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