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  1. I enjoyed 2010 and 2011 with their interactive paddock and how it was built into the interface. Yeah it was limited and the gameplay itself wasn't anything special but it was an attempt at immersion which I always appreciate. 

    I didn't really game much in the years between then and when 2016 came out which I just caught the tail end of, Loved 2017. Best career mode in a CM game, cars feel great to drive still to this day. Travelling the world and seeing the scenery change in your mobile home thingy was just a nice touch, speaking to characters, your engineers etc. So much to do and see in the game, can still put it on now and have fun. 

    Skipped 2018 as they dropped the immersive career, came back for 2019 and enjoyed the driving and graphical bump a lot as well as the introduction of F2. 

    2020 for me though is the peak of CM games. It's when I discovered I actually love online racing in F1 games and just got lost in that, collecting liveries, editing them, running them online and being competitive. Graphics great, loads of little flourishes (that have been removed now), handling was the best it's ever been, can place the car wherever you want with precision. Overall the package was polished and full of stuff to do. 

    So 2020 for me, with 2017 a fraction behind. 

  2. 18 hours ago, ScaredDuck said:

    Dude!!!!!!!! Nice one.  Thank you 

    It's okay but ugh, it's just a damn shame with all these limited options when even on console you can still open GT and just make the damn thing (not mine)



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  3. 47 minutes ago, Sonic6L said:

    It was more a tongue in cheek comment bud, I thought the "lols" gave it away. I played NBA 2K from 2K14 to 2K19 and mostly agree with what you are saying. The mini story modes they do in MyCareer are good too. I like the fact you start in College and work your way up. I didn't get 20 and 21. 

    Oops, I don't think either of us got the tongue in cheek there haha. Ah well I don't mind a ramble about 2K, outstanding sports title away from the microtransaction bait that they all must have these days. 

    EA's title's are so stale and lacking character by comparison, they're really lagging behind now. but don't seem fussed, it's a shame as I have fond memories especially of old Madden's and just how much stuff they managed to fit on a disc back then. 

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  4. 6 minutes ago, Sonic6L said:

    2K Games in NBA 2K20 (I think) didn't even bother to try hiding the fact it had lootboxes, in the sense of putting it in another menu, they put in actual slot machines and other casino games like Roulette into the game instead LOL!


    If you ever wanted to see a largely copy paste video game (IMO), look no further than NBA 2K games lol. 

    2K20 is my main NBA game this gen and I have to say I've never seen the casino besides on people's videos talking about it, if you don't care about it you can easily avoid, not that I think it should be there but just for some general balance. 

    All sports games to some extent will be copy and paste, it's not like everything changes year on year in real life either and 2K starts from a very strong base. It looks great, plays well and has the best presentation of any sports game that I've likely ever seen with halftime shows, on court interviews, multiple commentary teams, actual breakaway interviews with players about their passion for the game, all voiced and mo capped as well as the stunning (that year anyway) intro movie short with Idris Elba and Roasario Dawson for the career mode. 

    If I play a game on christmas eve / boxing day etc. on the calendar, the broadcast overlay changes and adds some little christmas flourishes and the commentary notes what day it is and wishes the viewers happy holidays, people in the corwd have santa hats on.. it's all these little things that make the game great. 

    Same for Halloween, thanksgiving, Valentines day..

    Can't defend some things 2K does, but have to leap to the defence of the core of the games cos they are very strong and detailed experiences. 

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  5. Just now, Sonic6L said:

    A lot of the players that I know moved away from Fifa and towards PES but have you seen the latest release of PES? It's a joke! 

    They'll obviously be quick with the patches for it cos wow, though I was winning a few which I can't say about PES online lmao. 

    But yeah honestly, they took a year out with a roster update budget release, for this? Madness. 

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  6. 15 minutes ago, Meza994 said:

    First of all the little spots on tires matter more than real issues? Okay to each his own.. And if you look at the normal qualifyings it is often the same drivers in the same spots.. The AI doesnt alsways do the same laptimes in quali and can have different results, the problem with exaggerating this is that it would also lead to very unrealistic results which other players would fume over like with the driver transfers.. Things could have been done differently, e.g. the way Codemasters balance the car performances doesnt help, but its not easy and they got different things to do at the moment.. Qualifying pace and race pace being differentiated would help in future games but as it is we dont have that and if theyd make the gaps smaller then it would always be a huge DRS train

    Damned if they do, damned if they don't. The outrage from others if they didn't put in this livery, lol. 

    Anyway it's a promotional tool for Red Bull, F1 and the game, I don't see how people could have a problem with it really. 

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  7. 5 minutes ago, Meza994 said:

    The thing i think about is that its easier to be smooth with the steering angle on wheel compared to pad, needs to be learned sure, but you just got much more control which is IMO why so many people still struggle with it because they are just a bit too much turning in while on the kerb

    Fair point. Poster doesn't say what they're using. I haven't played on a pad since before the last couple of patches, but surely it's seen some improvements as well?

  8. 3 minutes ago, Meza994 said:

    Are you on wheel or pad?

    Wheel, and if you were to say a month ago the place is a nightmare I'd 100% agree, especially the esses I felt like I was dropping to about 20 mph just to get through, lol,  but the adjustment has changed it massively. 

    You still have to be careful as with the kerbs in general though, it's not a total rewind of the changes they made, but even just judging by the lack of DNF's today it's night and day difference. 

  9. Japan was like this at launch but I disagree it's still like this. I've been doing the weekly event today and hammering the kerbs with only minimum issue, ensuring that I'm not just outright hitting the throttle with a wheel on the kerb which is what will cause a spin. 

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  10. 9 hours ago, Sonic6L said:

    F1 2021 was already in full development/nearly done IIRC when EA bought CM. If anything if EA wanted to kill off making F1 games (which is financial suicide if you ask me) 2021 would be the last release we get. 

    F1 2021 has been the worst release I've played and I've been playing since F1 2010 with at least 150/200 hours of gameplay in each. If people want to voice their opinions on how bad the game is, who are you to say otherwise? We, as gamers, have the right to voice our opinion and make our voice heard, WE are the ones that can make or break the Devs to an extent. The Devs/Publishers would not exist without us, it's as simple as that. Influencers like aarava and tiametmarduk aren't going to turn around and paint the game in a negative light are they as F1 games are a source of their income? 

    I'd go as far to say that majority of people that post issues on this forum or even post here in general are F1/Motosport fans and more than a casual gamer, as the casual wouldn't bother and just move on to something else or having something better to do with their time.  

    We didn't spend our hard earned to be beta testers or to be CM's QA/QC department, for some, games can be an expensive hobby and they can't afford to buy a lot of games, so why should they be happy with a product that they chose, that is clearly is not fit for purpose. We shouldn't have to fill out bug reports and provide video after video, screenshot after screenshot of issues when the bug report should suffice. We don't get paid for this, this is CM's job and as far as the Xbox is concerned, it's appalling how the game was released and proves someone at QA/QC didn't do their job properly. Case in point, since release V1.0.x it's taken up to V1.10 for us Xbox players to be able to play Braking Point/Watch Cutscenes/Watch Highlights/Watch Replays without the game crashing every time which is absolutely appalling. CM haven't even given any form of apology with is pathetic. 

    People like you, are the reason why Devs release games in these states which is completely unacceptable. 

    One thing is for certain. EA/CM will NOT be getting any of my money on Day One of F1 2022. It'll be a bargain bin buy from now on much like all other EA games. 

    This thread below is absolutely bang on the money. 


    Well said mate, spot on on every point 👍

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  11. Spa and Monza I just enjoy them so much and it shows in how strong I am around them. 

    Gotten much better at Silverstone in the last two editions and find a lot of the same feeling in Paul Ricard.

    Used to be very strong in Bahrain but for reasons I haven't yet been able to figure out completely I'm getting left in the dust this year. 

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  12. This argument just goes round in circles and in the end gets us nowhere. 

    We have no idea what their licensing agreement is with FOM nor do we know if they have tracks licensed outside of the ones currently in game and .. nor do we know if it's anything to do with 'motivation' or a decision made by FOM as part of their agreement.

    None of this has been made public besides one or two squeaks here and there which tell us nothing much about the overall structure of the license. 

    It's amazing how much has been written (myself included I used to defend Codies over this) with so little actual information available. 

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  13. 16 minutes ago, marioho said:

    Get your on-track markers right, try to consciously focus on them for a handful of laps, and hopefully they get so ingrained within you that when you turn off the assist completely it will be a breeze. 

    Yeah this is just to +1 on this

    Do a couple of laps with the line still on, notice your usual braking points, what's around? Is there a brake marker board next to you? Does a Kerb start or end? Is there an exit road or other trackside detail like a marshals box? Make a mental note of it and that's your braking point when the line goes off. 

    You will find time, as you can then start to push the limits on those braking zones without a giant red light scaring you off. 

    You will likely feel the track open up as well, sometimes the line isn't the right line for you or your driving style, you can go wider, or narrower, and find time based on a different braking point that's more comfortable for the way you drive the car. 

    The racing line can be another tool or it can end up being a crutch, once it feels like you're being limited, to continue with it is to miss out on so much circuit racing has to offer. 

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  14. 16 minutes ago, ScaredDuck said:

    Wanted to disagree 😁

    But your right... But lots disagree with me and the fact my main concern is gameplay than far off scenery.  I’ve never even noticed popping before.  

    I know you're a big fan of Championship Edition and you'll know that game was released in 2007, but still presented the 2006 season. 

    I often wonder if CM did something like that, they'd have to shut down the forums and board up the offices. 

    There'd be riots in the (virtual) streets

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  15. 3 minutes ago, ScaredDuck said:

    Wanted to disagree 😁

    But your right... But lots disagree with me and the fact my main concern is gameplay than far off scenery.  I’ve never even noticed popping before.  

    I know we've played a lot of the same games over the years so the track being built right before our eyes is something we probably overlook as it's just how it was with the tech that was available.

    I do think it helps me appreciate when a game genuinely looks good though, and F1 looks good. 

    I always wonder how those who complain the the Aston Martin gloves are not 100% accurate would have coped with games of the past, with F1 games that didn't even have real drivers and tracks were sketchy at best. 

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  16. As a player on PS4 Pro I've not noticed any pop in while racing, Even down the main straight at Monza you can still see all the trees and other trackside details down past the first chicane.

    If there is pop-in, it's minimal and I have to admire those able to look that closely while driving to notice it, wheras it is often obvious on other racing games but doesn't take away the enjoyment for me personally. 

    As you said in OP you play on PS4 now, so you know it looks great 👍

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  17. 1 hour ago, Schneehase said:

    Supermottas back again? OMG we had that problem on PC / steam / myteam mode for over a year on the F1 2020 forums, and it carried over to F1 2021 as well. Actually I thought they would have fixed this in 1.07 or 1.08 or what it was - has this bug returned? Gotta make a Bottas video clip then with the voice of Arnie, saying "i m back" 😛

    Bottas got someone on the payroll internal. All those stats and updates meant for Lewis just keep being mysteriously applied to Bottas every patch. 

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  18. 29 minutes ago, ScaredDuck said:

    when you buy something it you expect it and it Should work as advertised. 

    This is exactly it. I don't care about people's opinions on online play, it's totally irrelevant if someone personally enjoys it or not, there are a lot of us who do and we deserve a working product just like the rest of the playerbase. 

    It doesn't have to be at the expense of anything or anyone else, it worked on 2020, it should work now, and we are allowed to vent on it if it doesn't. 

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  19. 8 minutes ago, ScaredDuck said:

    Or if not a rollover how about a multiplier.. ie prestige 2 x2 xp in next round... prestige 5 x5

    However they do it, it would make sense to do actually do it. All it would mean is those players geta. headstart on the next podium pass, they'd still have to pay to get the paid stuff (or have saved up enough coin or whatever) so it's not like CM loses out at all, they just get access to the free stuff earlier and as they've played far more hours, I don't see why that wouldn't be fair. 

    It's not like the stuff is all that prestigious let's be honest. 

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