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  1. Agreed, is this supposed to be some evidence of bad AI? Shocking move. Car behind no time to react, AI or otherwise.
  2. Even then I haven't had a 10+ player lobby actually go into a race since the first couple of nights of early access. The problem is being further spotlighted cos there's no one there a lot of the time, people know slight damage to the front wing ends the race, they know spinning cars aren't ghosted like they should be, they know they'll spend an hour for 1 5 lap race.. I can't blame them for staying away.
  3. You don't know that it doesn't affect their safety rating, just because they don't drop from S doesn't mean they didn't go from 90 down to 30 or something over the course of a race, and have to run a couple safe ones to build back up. End of the day there will always be assholes playing video games online, but I've had some great clean racing in A and S rated lobbies already on 2021 and plenty on 2019/20 to know that it does get better when you're gone from the levels that can't keep the car in a straight line to save their lives (which to be fair was probably all of us at some point).
  4. Can you not run a few laps and watch an ai back in cockpit mode? Haven't needed it on F1 but that's how I figured out their mental gear ratios which were murdering me at Le Mans on PC2 lol.
  5. They seem to have fixed the crash issue with this solution, which for all intents puts you in the same spot anyway, it's just quicker to get to a new lobby. People complain about copy and paste, I wish they had just copied and pasted from 2020. While there were complaints about it, the basic structure was working well enough to enjoy your sessions and if you did find a good lobby, you could be in there a good few races. As a point, I booted up 2020 yesterday, lobbies are full...
  6. sometimes it's just like that, however damage is set to standard instead of reduced as it was last year, and ghosting is completely off, two things I've logged as bugs as that's not what we had previously and it means damage to your front wing can be a race killer even on just yellow. Hopefully the next patch will address these issues and the experience can improve.
  7. Just takes a deep breath mate, remember it's about the long game, the higher you rise in your safety rating the less of that kind of nonsense you're likely to see (still going to be there mind, people are people after all) So in a moment like that, take your lumps, back off, and remember this guy will be in D rating soon enough and you'll never see him again. Also don't forget that Austria turn 1 is NOT a hard left
  8. I didn't know either mate haha, that's a game changer
  9. How was it downgraded? Granted, I didn't do a driver career last year but was it not exactly the same as 19 minus the story intro, which I skipped anyway when I started a serious career save. I don't see what's different 19/20/21 ?
  10. KNT2011

    Patch 1.05

    You can log it in the appropriate forum using the template at the top https://forums.codemasters.com/forum/140-report-an-issue/
  11. surely we would rather know what Casper has to say
  12. I can't tell if people are trying to say that the first part of the race is where nothing happens or what, but if you can see something like that and not find it jarring then fair play to you. The AI is better this year, overall, but when I just breeze past Leclerc in the last corner of the race for a top 5 spot and he makes no moves to defend his position, it's still showing there's a long way to go.
  13. Can't say I've noticed any of this on the PRO, textures do load in but they're generally quicker than 2020 and tracks look crisp and clear to me, Mexico or otherwise. As always with the PS4, make sure you have 15-25 GB available on the hard drive so access to files isn't slowed down. If you're using an external, it's probably newer and faster than the drive in your PRO, move the F1 game over to that. You can find some tips to speed up the PRO if you've had it a long time here https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=speed+up+your+ps4+pro All else doesn't help, try re
  14. I feel like those who can embrace their immersion, that they are being overtaken by Alonso or Sainz or whoever, and can engage in the kind of character play that needs, are able to race fair and enjoy the AI battles. For a lot of people, they know it is an AI bot and they don't feel like they should ever be beaten by an AI bot.
  15. And you're sure you weren't playing GTA?
  16. E A SPORTS "must have forgotten something"
  17. Struggling to get a game on 2021, 7pm on a wednesday night.. Either put into a empty lobby (guaranteed on 25%) or with 2/3 players already in the middle of a 5 lap race. Booted up 2020. Immediately found solid 10+ lobbies for both 25% and 5 laps Fixes need to come now, not two weeks time, after the playerbase is sick to death of trying to play through the bugs and issues. 1.05 fixed one issue by making the same issue again but quicker to get back into the game, that's all you've managed in two weeks My good will is quickly running out.
  18. KNT2011

    Patch 1.05

    "Resolved a crash that could occur after returning to a ranked lobby if the lobby had split " Really not understanding why the lobbies are being split in the first place? I just joined an 18 player lobby waiting on 9 cars to return from the race results screen. Upon returning, half of them kicked from the lobby and it somehow dropped down to 9 players in total, I'm assuming this is splitting, why? We WANT 18 players in a lobby, like we could get in 2020. Very frustrating to watch a lobby vanish. I did the race and came back, the game didn't freeze but it put me in a empty lobb
  19. KNT2011

    Patch 1.05

    Since the other thread was locked for some reason, here's another. Everyone who's booting this up now and with the chance to test things out, let us know any changes, fixes or other things you've found or noticed here. Have some of the major bugs been fixed with online etc?
  20. Love this low light especially at Paul Ricard
  21. I don't know if it's exposing some people's knowledge of driving but it's surprising how many people think drivers have just been dropping the throttle on a curved or uneven curb when this is just not the case nor is it what is meant by attacking the curbs. Vettle almost had a wobble hitting too much of the last curb coming out of the esses there. Very accurately portrayed in the game this year.
  22. I've done a handful of online races most evenings and I'm already about to complete the pass as well. It could do with perhaps the extra XP earned that goes nowhere being saved so it can be used in some other way. Perhaps allow those with saved XP to unlock a specific tier faster in the next pas if there's an item they want, at least reward the additional time spent playing. I'm not really a fan of the whole thing in general though. It doesn't help that this pass is not really full of usable items. Most of the liveries are either quite garish or pretty meh. The clothes and 'podium
  23. Everyone's annoyed about something, I guess someone has to be annoyed at the menus.
  24. It's fine, fine work I've just been up since 5am and in snarky mood. Now I must rush the young'n out to the supermarket before she reads the word McDonalds
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