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  1. What grates about this is that they were so vague about it and let people assume that's what it was, so they could include it in their new features video. Knowing full well as soon as players discovered what it was, it would immediately lose any excitement it might of had. It's borderline dishonest. Why is it a career? Why does it lead into a career? It offers nothing as that. If they had kept the full championship mode, they could have added this in there, instead of starting from the first race, hey you can start right now where the season is! And play the championship as the standings
  2. One of the things that puts me off MyTeam is just how much 'My Team' stands out and it's difficult to blend in with the F1 grid with such limited options. I feel your pain on it and was disappointed there was basically nothing done to customisation, not even the ability to save a group of colours between car, suit and gloves etc. you still have to make note or remember the numbers. Little quality of life things that other games have had for literally generations for some of them. They started without number so I guess at least we move forward I bemoaned the lack of realistic lookin
  3. Since my main game mode is online it doesn't show the suit or helmet sponsor decals, only the basic design, I never really have to worry about it, I don't know why it doesn't, it would probably be a nice touch.. but that's CM for you lol.
  4. Really trying with these liveries man (random detail on this one is the paint wear on the last shot of the nose, that's very nice I didn't notice till the showroom close up)
  5. If people start using this in ranked I'm reporting each to PSN Must be some sort of breach of TOS
  6. This is not even possible yet at major retailers, nevermind if it's affordable. I fully appreciate if you've been able to get a next gen console that you will want everything to be catered to you. The reality is that you're early adopters in a time of limited availability and the majority of the playerbase may not catch up for some time yet. Companies will have to remain focused on the PS4 / XB1 for sales until that time, and it will be longer than previous generation switches.
  7. It was used for NFS Heat which to be fair was pretty good.
  8. So why did you buy it? Every post from you it this ranting man, I don't get why you buy the game and come here if you have this much hatred for it.
  9. I truly wish some of the lead designers would boot up GT Sport and see what can be done with an online system. If you take the GT Sport FIA races, a full championship spread across a season, in which all players can enter lobbies at set times on set dates, and you choose the car manufacturer you will represent and so are provided with their cars, and you think they could do this across an F1 season, with players choosing their F1 team to represent, and on those set dates the lobbies will open up for players to join and race that champkionship event. Scoring points for themselves and their team
  10. I often wonder over their claimed gameplay numbers that show the majority of players play offline, if that's because the online modes aren't particularly well designed and those who do play it accept a lot of this to find the experience we enjoy, a lot of players would likely play more online if more effort went into it. So on the flipside, they should bin off the single player and invest all those resources into the multiplayer modes, and release is as F1 sport, online only. Hell, COD allows you to delete the single player experience if you don't want it.
  11. "Patch 1.04 is out now on all platforms. Check out what's in this patch below: Addressed an issue where users would experience a corrupt save if they edited their vehicle's livery from within the MyTeam HQ. Saves that were previously corrupted as a result of this bug will be able to be resumed after applying the patch." That's all it is mate but at least we're all up to speed and they can put the next patch out now.
  12. It's not really the same thing, I get what you're saying but there's a difference between 'the online modes are not very well designed but I can live with it and find enjoyment and gaming challenge in it all the same', to the 'above is true but now it just does not even work as designed,' it's bugged to hell and needs patching, this should not be the case for a brand new full priced game. We should get at least the same experience as 2020, not a broken one, whatever the design flaws of it may be.
  13. Really focus on running it clean, don't worry about the times and results, even if you have to lift or brake to keep it in the lines. If you do get hit, spin, get damage, do not quit the race. do your pits if you need and run your clean laps to the race end. It's a painstaking process mate to get to S, the way it's designed, is not great tbh but even with the lower player base, I've had some fun battles with A/S rated drivers who try to keep it clean.
  14. It's chaos at the moment. Spinning cars should be ghosted, hopefully this is fixed soon. Rest assured though, the vast majority of players will end up in D, it's just the way the system is set up, there just isn't that many players overall at the moment due to the current issues. IF you want to raise your ranking, try 25% lobbies against 4 or 5 cars, start at the back and run a non-penalty race, don't worry about winning but you should be able to gain a couple of places due to DNF. You can do this in 5 lap races as well at the moment but you won't get as many clean lap points (but you ca
  15. Unfortunately this compounds the problems for every system as until XBox 1.04 goes live they are most likely holding back 1.05 which should / could be pretty substantial as they won't want one platform to fall too far behind. Meaning the rest of us are also still waiting for fixes to other glaring issue the game has, online services and lobby problems for PSN etc.
  16. It happens cos there's a bug on PSN with players coming back to the lobby, 50% of times the game freezes and needs to be restarted (or crashes). It's been reported and CM have advised they're working on a fix for it, it was my bug report they responded to however it's been logged again several times since. I get it's a pain man, it means there's really not many people online at the moment (with that combined with the damage and ghosting being broken) but hopefully it means a fix is coming in the next patch.
  17. I've logged it as a bug and it's marked with developers, I don't think it's intentional, probably a knock on from putting these new social lobbies in. It's really hurting Ranked though, the number of lobbies on PSN is tiny and 5 lap races are often with 5/6 other players at most. I'm annoyed there hasn't been a 1.05 or 1.1 patch rolled out yet as the issues were obvious on early access launch
  18. I tend to take it as a challenge track, which helped me enjoy it more after a long time of skipping it too. How many laps can I last? More than last time? I'm bound to smash into something, but how long can I concentrate for? It makes a bit of fun and I hate to miss an event so famous in the season. I don't have that affection for Baku or Singapore though. Will say my Baku driving has improved the last couple of years.
  19. As soon as the 'mum' started calling me I lost interest in this to be honest. Became clear we were playing WWE 2K story but we were not going to find out what is in the undertaker's urn.
  20. Very handsome I don't see the problem
  21. Same, this doesn't seem to be taken into account as much as it should. I immediately felt the differences in the tire model and using a wheel, what I was or wasn't able to do in relation to the lines I wanted to take depending on the tires at that moment. They've caused me a moment or two of snap oversteer as well and it's great that you can feel cold tires shifting around as you turn as they're not yet gripped to the tarmac. It's worth taking into account, as otherwise I haven't noticed any issues with understeer, and if anything my setups are very rear wing heavy this year.
  22. This is pretty cool if you work on the sponsor colours a bit I regret missing this livery.
  23. It seems like people are taking having to turn down the AI as some sort of emasculation when it's really just the natural march of a yearly developed sports title, like they cant let you just beat the game from back in 2018 every year, the AI has to get faster. If you have to lower the level to compete and enjoy the right level of challenge for you, that's expected, not something out of the ordinary.
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